10 Christmas Ideas For Your Digital Signage

As a business that uses digital signage, you have a unique opportunity to leverage the Christmas spirit and improve your Christmas marketing techniques.

Don't know where to start? Here are ten Christmas ideas for your digital signage.

1. Display Creative Christmas Decorations

Digital signage is mainly used as an advert platform. It displays pictures, videos, texts, and even web pages for businesses to communicate with their audience. However, digital signage technology has other powerful uses and can be used to deliver messages through visual impacts.

Digital signage can be used as a creative Christmas ornament to light up the area - pun intended - and fill your store with the Christmas spirit. Not only is this a cost-effective option, but it also is a genius way to put your digital signage investment to good use.

What can you display? The short answer is anything!

You can create simple high-resolution decorations of snowflakes, fireplaces, Santa Claus, or anything that communicates the Christmas spirit! You can even create a compilation of attractive visual decorations scheduled to display on a loop.

2. Create Christmas-inspired Marketing Campaigns

The fourth quarter of 2019 accounted for 26.8 percent of total retail sales in the United States. For example, jewelry stores generated 34.7 percent of their 2019 sales between October and December last year. This is because jewelry stores are one of the many stores that rely on the holiday season to enjoy a noticeable increase in sales.

This happens because the months leading up to Christmas are the perfect time to make gift purchases for Christmas. From toys to jewelry, clothes, bags, wine, home furnishing items, and souvenirs, there are more purchases of gifts than during any other time of the year.

As a business, it is essential to understand that Christmas is a crucial part of the year, and in turn, do anything you can to ensure you implement top-notch marketing strategies. A unique way to do this is by creating Christmas-inspired marketing campaigns.

Consider implementing digital Christmas elements in your advertisements by using holiday cheers and greetings to draw potential clients to your establishment. Use exciting and appealing Christmas-motivated graphics and unique Christmas content in your adverts.

3. Feature Gift Suggestions

It is one thing to advertise your products and services, it is another to make the shopping experience hassle-free by pointing shoppers and potential clients in the direction of the right gifts.

For many people, shopping for a Christmas gift is one of the most challenging things they must do during the festivities. With the different products in the market and on the shelves today, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what gifts to purchase for family and friends.

As a business, what better way to help your clients than to solve this pain point? In the few weeks leading to Christmas, it is an excellent idea to start suggesting the perfect gift for your clients.

However, instead of getting your employees to do the work for you via word-of-mouth, it is a better idea to use visually-appealing content to convince your clients and influence their purchasing decisions.

4. Create Creative Social Walls

Digital signage is often used to communicate with a business’ audience. However, they can also be used to interact with the audience and create a more interesting shopping experience.

One way to do this, especially during Christmas, is to create social walls using digital signage.

Social walls are used to display a business’s engagement and content. It is used to create and display user-generated content in a single feed that the audience in a facility can view.

For example, an amusement park might use its digital social screen to display pictures and videos of its customers having fun in the park. These pictures and videos are curated by the customers using a specific hashtag to help the park quickly discover their photographs and videos.

This amusement park can also display the action or engagement in its comment section, tags, and mentions. They display all of these in real-time. Displaying this user-generated content not only keeps viewers engaged but also encourages them to join the conversation online.

5. Display Weather Updates

Using your digital signage set-up to display weather updates may seem like a basic idea. However, this is more helpful than you know and will probably be one of the many minor elements about your business or establishment that impresses your clients.

Everyone knows winter weather brings with it some serious risks. The snow might look beautiful and mesmerizing, the perfect final touch to a wonderful and almost surreal Christmas. However, the winter also brings risks like car accidents (in fact, around 17% of all vehicle accidents happen in winter), hypothermia, and sudden blizzards.

These are recipes for disasters that can ruin Christmas for any client. So, how do you help and show your client that you care about them? The simple act of displaying constant weather updates will help your customers be prepared and armed with weather information.

6. Showcase Personalized Christmas Wishes

Encourage your clients or potential clients to have a unique ‘hall of fame’ moment where they can get their personalized Christmas wishes displayed on your screens. This is a superb way to increase engagement while also helping your clients feel better.

The best thing about using your digital signage technology is you get to make many people feel special. How does that work? Using unique social media hashtags, you can encourage clients and potential clients to leave special Christmas wishes to the general public or a special person.

7. Advertise Holiday Promotions

What is holiday cheer without holiday promotions? Help your clients and potential clients enjoy a wonderful Christmas by offering discount prices, coupons, sales, and more.

By using visual elements to instill a sense of fear of missing out, you can quickly increase sales while creating a connection with your potential clients. After all, your clients will never forget you as that one business that offered fair prices when they needed it the most.

8. Update Your Christmas Menu Board

Spice up your regular menu by introducing a Christmas theme. This will help your clients get in the Christmas spirit, thereby helping them enjoy the fun and festivity of the season.

The best thing about digital signage is the ease with which the displayed content can be upgraded. All you need to do is design a new menu board theme and upload it at the tap of a button.

9. Play Christmas Songs And Music Videos

Connect with your audience on an emotional level by playing well-known Christmas specials. This is not only a way to engage your client but works wonderfully well for getting them in the Christmas mood.

When it comes to playing Christmas songs to your audience, Loop TV is the TV you need. Loop TV is a business and entertainment TV that offers unlimited entertainment and digital signage options at no extra cost.

This entertainment and digital signage solution offers music video, news, sports, and other interesting channels to keep your audience engaged. Speaking of music videos, Loop TV has a vast library of well-curated music channels across a wide range of genres.

10. Display Store Operation Hours

Help your potential clients stay ahead of the curve by knowing your opening and closing hours during Christmas festivities.

Many stores close down without prior notice, leaving last-minute shoppers stranded. Don't be one of those stores. Instead, alert the customers of your working hours by displaying the hours on your digital signage display where it can easily be seen.

Make Christmas Extra Special With Loop TV

With Christmas fast arriving, knowing the best ways to use your digital signage displays will help you optimize this powerful technology in the spirit of Christmas. However, to do so, you need an equally powerful digital signage solution.

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