What Music Is Best For Dentists

For years, music has been recognized as a vital business element to boost revenue and improve customer-brand relationships.

Various business owners, including medical practitioners, have continuously harnessed the power of music in their businesses with great benefits. The advent of technology has aided the integration of music in various businesses, including dental offices.

As with many other businesses, when it comes to playing music in dental offices, simply playing any kind of music is not enough. To maximize the benefits of music in dental offices, it is essential to play the right kind of music. Below, we have highlighted the best type of music to play in dental offices.

Does Music In Dental Offices Matter?

For years, the benefits of music in businesses and human society has been the focus of much research. Again and again, music has proven to significantly impact humans, playing a role in our behaviors, actions, and even thought processes.

Music is a universal language that creates human interaction and sustains relationships. Many businesses have recognized the immense benefits of this historical tool and have begun integrating it into their business operations. Dentists and dental offices are not far behind in this trend.

But does music matter in dental offices?

Dental offices are particularly stressful environments. One look at the face of fear-stricken child patients is enough to tell anyone that visiting a dentist is not on many patients’ list of top ten things they would rather be doing.

In an environment rippling with tension, like a dental office, it is essential to introduce positive stimulation to add value and comfort to the patient's visits. Unlike many businesses, there are not a lot of positive reinforcements that dentists can use to get their patients to relax. However, among the limited tools available, music proves to be among the most effective and efficient.

If you have ever wondered if music makes any difference in dental offices, the short answer is yes.

Music belongs in dental offices as much as in homes, cars, malls, and gyms. It is an essential tool for creating the ultimate dental experience.

Benefits of Music In Dental Offices

There is no doubt that music belongs in dental offices. However, it is more than just a means of entertainment for the employees and the patients; music offers various benefits that provide a better customer experience that creates better customer satisfaction.

Some of these benefits include:

1. Music Promotes Relaxation

Everyone will agree that at some point in their life, there was this looming sense of doom or fear that they felt when visiting the dentist. As a kid, we remember how terrifying it must have been when our parents informed us of an upcoming dental visit. Even as adults, this sense of dread cannot be shaken off.

This feeling of anxiety is associated with every part of the health industry. After all, many people will also agree that they feel the same degree of anxiety when visiting the dentist that they do when visiting the hospital. In fact, statistics show that over 75 percent of adults experience dental anxiety or fear.

Dental fear is a real phenomenon common among young and adult patients. It is fueled by a common dislike of health centers due to past negative dental experiences, fear of pain, fear of needles, embarrassment, and even the smell or sounds experienced in a dental office.

There are many reasons for dental anxiety in patients. However, the bottom line is anxiety is a stressor that eats away at a person’s satisfaction during a dental appointment. Yes, with the right tools and in the right setting, dentist offices can be relaxing, and appointments can be satisfying. One of the many tools that ease the tension of a dental office is music.

Music has long since been noted as a great way to relieve stress by quieting the mind, relaxing the muscles, and soothing stress. By helping patients manage the stress they experience while visiting the dentist, dentists can ensure they create the ultimate dental experience, one that their competitors cannot provide.

2. Reduce Waiting Time Perception

Like many other healthcare organizations, dental offices have waiting rooms. These rooms are as important as any other part of the establishment as they are where many patients will spend their first dentist experience.

A dental office’s waiting room can make or break a patient’s experience. It plays an integral role in the establishment's success, which is why many dental offices pay great attention to the state of the waiting room and the message that the waiting room sends.

While comfortable furniture and health magazines are a great addition to any dental office waiting room, the waiting room is incomplete without the right music.

Music in the waiting room serves as entertainment to keep the patients engaged as they wait for their appointments. It is common to find patients apprehensive as they wait to be attended to in dental clinics. Music helps to soothe their minds and distract them from counting the minutes they must wait for as they wait to be attended to.

A health article shows that long waiting times negatively impact patients. The longer patients wait in dental waiting rooms, the more anxious they get. Music works as a brilliant tool to distract patients, helping them focus on the melodies and not the time.

3. Improve Employee Productivity

Evidence in several studies shows that certain music favors increased productivity. This music helps people concentrate harder and perform their jobs more accurately, improving workplace performance.

Music is also a great tool to help overworked employees remain focused on the work at hand. It stimulates their brains and keeps their minds ‘energized’ enough to continue to take on tasks. This is why it is common to find employees listening to music on their headphones as they work.

In dental offices, music engages patients and stimulates the employees, helping them enjoy the numerous benefits of listening to music.

4. Reduce Pain Perception

For many patients, especially those with dental anxiety, going through a dental check-up or procedure can be scary. The strange equipment, the whirring and strange sounds coming from said equipment, and the dreading of the pain they think the procedures come with can stress them out and create an extremely uncomfortable experience.

Music offers a calming effect that buffers the overwhelming physical stimulation the patients feel during the procedure, thereby decreasing stress. It also distracts them enough so that they do not pay attention to the thought of the pain or discomfort that they may feel during the procedure but unconsciously focus on the tunes and melodies coming from the speakers in the room.

What Music Is Best For Dentists?

To take advantage of the benefits of music, businesses across various industries are researching the best type of music for their business. Casinos are quickly discovering what music type works for them, there is music for restaurants, and music for airports is quickly catching up.

But what music works best for dental offices or clinics?

It is not enough that dentists know that music is beneficial to the success of their organization and their client’s satisfaction. It is equally important that the dentist or dental office chooses the right music for their office or organization.

There are more than 300 different music genres worldwide. However, statistics show that there are about a dozen favorite genres globally. These genres range from Pop music to Show musicals.

While statistics show that many of these genres are widely popular, it is essential to know that not every popular genre has a place in dental offices. There are certain songs that belong in many places (like bars and pubs) that should not be played in dental offices because each genre has varying effects and benefits.

To help you choose the right music for your dental offices, here are some of the best music genres for dentists.

1. Pop Music

Globally, pop music is the most popular music genre. Being the most popular music genre, it is a no-brainer that pop music should be played in a dental office.

Pop music is made of catchy tunes with upbeat rhythms and lyrics that are easy to remember. This creates a fun atmosphere that is engaging, entertaining, mentally stimulating, and relaxing. It is no surprise that pop music produces the most hits in the music industry.

Playing pop music in dental clinics is an excellent way to help patients relax. It relaxes their brains and allows the tension to seep out of their bodies, creating a more positive atmosphere.

Pop music, like classical music, works wonders at reducing stress. However, pop music also helps to improve emotions.

2. Folk Music

Folk music genre involves traditional folk music and the contemporary genre. This genre evolved from the former during the 20th-century folk revival and includes some types of music that can be called world music.

Although folk music is a traditional type of music, it can be enjoyed by people outside the tradition that the music evolved from. It is considered for the people, and is a delight to listen to whether it has lyrics or not.

Folk music is a relaxing type of pleasant music that creates an air of peacefulness. Although they are fun to listen to when they have lyrics, folk music without lyrics is a relaxing and calm type of music.

3. Nature Sounds

Nature sounds are so soothing, which is why it is one of the best music to play in wellness centers, spas, hospitals, and, of course, dental offices.

Nature sounds are one of the most shooting types of sounds. The effect of listening to nature sounds can be compared to spending time in nature.

From the sounds of rustling leaves to rain, water flowing, beach waves, birds crying, and fire crackling, nature sounds are undoubtedly a great way to release stress in the body and lower the body’s natural fight or flight instinct. These sounds have positive health effects that include reducing anxiety, annoyance, and frustration.

Nature sounds work against stress and enhances positive nervous system function and human behavior. The sounds are naturally calming and have the ability to help edgy patients relax and simply enjoy the moment.

4. Children's Music

If your dental practice caters to children, then having music that kids enjoy playing will make them relaxed and happy. Pediatric dental practices should play the music that is popular among children, tweens and teenagers so they will find the office less alienating.

4. Classical Music

Classical music is one of the most relaxing music genres according to science. Many businesses pick classical music as their genre of choice for their businesses. Many businesses welcome classical music into their organizations and business operations because it is good for the mind, soul, and body.

Although this might sound cliche, many reports offer evidence that shows classical music offers several positive health implications that are especially useful in dental offices.

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