What Music Works Best For Hair Salons

Creating the right ambiance and atmosphere is a priority in any salon. Providing high-quality aesthetics and comfort is a great way to increase traffic and sales exponentially.

Pampering your clients goes past providing comfortable chairs and the best beauty products. It also involves setting the scene with excellent music as a backdrop.

With the vast array of music available today, choosing good music for your salon can be challenging. Below, we have provided the best music to play in your salon.

Music As A Scenic Tool

Music has become an integral part of our daily life, and it is evident everywhere you go. You not only see people with their earphones plugged in, but you also hear music spewing from speakers as you walk past your favorite bar or as you sit to enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

Businesses have recognized the benefits of music and continue integrating it into their brands. Since everyone loves music, what better way to lure customers in than play great songs?

Music has a significant influence on people. It controls our emotions, encouraging us to feel a certain way or exhibit certain behaviors.

It plays a prominent role in our subconscious, affecting our moods, habits, feelings, and response to certain stimuli. Music has an unshakeable hold over us, and it is your duty as a business to use this to your advantage.

Businesses implement music in their brand ms to increase sales and revenue. This is done by providing a great customer experience with the right songs. The power of a catchy playlist that is a perfect fit for s brand is grossly underrated.

When people go to salons, they want more than a haircut, tan, or a waxing session. They want to feel pampered, doted on and have an experience so good it is other-worldly.

While providing comfortable furniture, great lighting, and superb decor are the basics of helping your clients relax, music is the cherry on top that makes all the difference.

No one wants to get their hair done in silence. It is very uncomfortable and provides a bleak experience they wouldn’t look forward to ever encountering again.

The right type of music in a salon deals the deal. It fills the sonic void you had no idea was in the room in the first place.

Great music provides excellent ambiance. It keeps clients engaged and relaxed, helping them open up and enjoy the experience you provide in your salon.

Great music provides satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are happy customers who will tell the world about you and even rebook sessions with you.

Playing great music in the background helps your clients relax. It determines how a client perceives your business and if they are impressed with the atmosphere your brand provides.

Benefits Of Music In Hair Salons

Music might seem like a pointless addition to your salon, but in reality, it is as important as the products on your shelves. In most cases, music is more important than the magazines you provide.

Listening to great music that perfectly fits the ambiance is an additional point in your clients’ books. It might be the factor that writes their loyalty to your brand in stone or convinces them to do away with your services.

Some benefits of music in hair salons include:

Customer Relaxation

Research has repeatedly proven that music plays a significant role in helping people relax. Music is also used as a therapeutic tool to reduce stress, pain, and other negative responses to stimuli.

Music, via several neurological processes, can positively impact mood and mental functions. It can decrease pain, anxiety, and even stress.

Music is healthy for the heart. A study shows that compared to silence, music tends to increase the heart rate. This primarily occurs when the music is pleasant.

Music also elevates mood and reduces the production of the stress hormone called cortisol. It boosts dopamine production in the brain, causing the listener to relax.

Thanks to this increased dopamine production, there is a relief from anxiety and depression. Because music is also processed by the amygdala, which is involved in processing moods and actions, playing a comforting song in your salon will help your clients relax.

Brand Perception

The hair and beauty industry is highly competitive, with each salon trying to outdo the next. While having up-to-date appliances and products sets you apart from lagging brands, great music attaches to your brand and provides a great brand personality.

Optimizing music correctly in your salon is a great way to build a great perception of your brand. When great music comes pre-packaged with your clients' services, your brand name becomes perceived as a high-end salon.

Playing great music that matches your hair salon personality and image will help you stay relevant. This will set you apart from other brands and inadvertently drive more traffic to your business.

Customer Wait-time Perception

Waiting in a salon is unavoidable. Regardless of whatever measures you might take to ensure waiting clients are comfortable, the fact remains that people do not like to be kept waiting.

The longer a client waits, the more annoyed and frustrated they become. The irritation they feel becomes subconsciously associated with your brand, illuminating your brand in a bad light.

To ensure waiting clients are comfortable while they wait, you have to provide an immersive, engaging experience to take their minds off the time remaining and shorten their perception of time.

Other than apparent entertaining materials like magazines, music is a great way to keep clients engaged as they wait. A subtle yet interesting song playing in the background will keep your clients engaged and entertained, shortening their perception of time.

In a setting like this one, 30 minutes of waiting can seem like nothing more than 20 minutes.

Employee Productivity

While music is often played in a salon to entertain the clients, it also works wonders on employees’ moods. The mood-lifting and behavioral benefits associated with music also translate to the salon staff, increasing their productivity as they work.

Music provides employees with a private environment to hold conversations. It also drones out distracting noises, helping them focus on the tasks at hand.

Music, thanks to its neurological effects, can help employees perform with incredible speed and accuracy. Combined with its relief benefits, music aids concentration.

Since an employee's mood reflects their functions and how they relate with clients, music can be an indirect method of improving customer-brand relations.

In a hair salon, staff inspiration and creativity need to be as high as their focus and accuracy. With the correct type of music, you can inspire your employees to provide quality services which goes a long way in maintaining good relationships with your clients and drastically improving business revenue.

Better Customer Experience

Different types of music impact customers’ emotions differently. There is other music to relax your clients or make them hyper while providing a more immersive experience.

Smart music choices can affect customer satisfaction and design a better customer experience. While lighting and interior designs are critical details in providing the valued customer experience a client needs, the sounds they hear are as important.

Music that matches your brand personality can boost your customer’s actions.

Improve Social Experience

Music provides a common ground for clients to socialize as they are attended to. Playing familiar tunes is a great conversation starter.

Using Music To Drive Sales

As strange as it might sound, music is a man efficient tool for influencing sales in your hair salon. It contributes to a great customer experience, improves satisfaction, and automatically creates happy customers who are willing to spend more and tell other people about your brand.

However, it is essential to note that just as great music drives sales and increases hair salon revenue, terrible choices in music cause fewer sales.

Choosing The Right Music For Hair Salons

Choosing the best music for your salon has less to do with your preferences and more to do with your brand. Just because you like a specific genre doesn’t mean it is the perfect fit for every client that walks through your door.

When choosing your hair salon music, there are essential factors to consider. These factors will determine if the music provides the positive effects it should.

To choose the best type of music for you and your clients, you should carefully consider factors like the style of your salon and your clients. This will help you blend your aesthetics and music to provide the desired ambiance.

To choose the best music for your salon, you should consider your:

1. Brand Personality

Your brand personality is your salon image. It is the customer’s perception of your brand based on their interactions with you, the type of services you provide, and your aesthetics.

Matching your salon’s personality with your choice of music is essential to set the right atmosphere to provide an optimal customer experience.

Are you a high-energy salon? It would be best to stick to music that will support your bubbly and cheerful personality. Pop, bubblegum pop, glam rock, jump blues, and even disco.

These genres are upbeat and will get your clients bopping their heads. Upbeat music is catchy and causes the brain to produce dopamine which is known as the happy chemical.

Upbeat music paired with the right cheer aesthetic will also release serotonin, evoke feelings of joy, and even positively influence your clients’ purchasing decisions.

For a mellow and chill brand personality, you should stick to mellow music. These include genres like soul, R&B, soft rock, contemporary tunes, and even classical music.

2. Clientele

Your clientele plays a considerable role in determining what kind of music best suits your hair salon. Because every client has unique music preferences, it is essential to find common ground in exciting music that engages every client.

To choose the appropriate music, you need to consider your clients’ age group and the gender majority. In simpler terms, if your clientele comprises mainly younger people, you should play the latest, upbeat music. If they are mostly older adults, you should check out the golden oldies.

If you render kid services in your salon, you should focus on providing inoffensive and bubbly tunes.

For the best effect, miss contemporary music with the classic ones. Good music, regardless of how far they date back, should always be welcome in your hair salon.

3. Atmosphere

Does your salon have a theme? It is vital to match your music choices to your business theme.

Salon themes help create unique impressions on potential clients. Matching your music with these impressions is a great way to create a personalized customer experience and keep your clients coming back for more.

Your salon atmosphere might be vintage, modern, or even retro theme. If this is the case, it is a great idea to choose music that matches the atmosphere you are trying to create and maintain.

For example, a modern hair salon will not only have the up-to-date or latest technology but also match with the latest songs. This will create a contemporary atmosphere that matches your theme.

4. Genre, Tempo, And Volume

The genre, tempo, and volume of music play a huge role in influencing the atmosphere and even profits in your salon. Different songs evoke different feelings and knowing which song to play at what volume is a trick to maintaining a good atmosphere in your hair salon.

Some music genres will make your clients more excited, some will create a relaxing atmosphere, and will encourage your clients to spend more money on your products and services.

The pace, beat or tempo of your music has a massive effect on the sales in your salon. Music with a slow tempo will cause your clients to relax, move slowly, and buy more products.

Playing slow, mellow, and laid-back music is a great way to encourage your clients to buy more products while shrouding them in soothing background music. Laid-back music is also a great way to increase the patience level of clients waiting to be attended to.

Slow music is a great choice to start off your mornings.

Upbeat music, on the other hand, will create an energized atmosphere. It will subtly encourage clients to browse through your products, ensuring a shorter yet more profitable transaction time quickly.

Upbeat music can be played, but it is an excellent option for rush hours and post-lunch slumps

The music genre you play can also influence your brand image and identity.

Playing classical music, for example, creates a high-end atmosphere that makes clients perceive your services or products as quality and more expensive. This causes an increase in the amount of money your clients are willing to spend as people tend to make more expensive purchases when they hear classical music playing.

Contemporary genres like rock, pop, and hip hop give your salon a modern, present-day feel that many people look for.

Genres are often age-related. The older your clients, the older their choices in music. The younger people prefer contemporary genres while the older adults love oldies but goldies.

For the best results, create playlists that merge both classic and contemporary genres, so everyone gets a little bit of everything. You might even choose to play modern music covers of old songs.

You can also choose to make song requests. Have your clients choose what songs they want to hear and play it out.

Playing The Right Music Legally In Your Hair Salon

Running a salon not only requires the latest hair products and comfortable furniture. Running a salon requires attention to excellent music detail to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Playing music in a hair salon increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of a customer returning. It improves sales and revenue and is undoubtedly beneficial to the business in many other ways.

Choosing the right type of music positively influences the atmosphere in your salon. It improves positivity and creativity and is an automatic way to get clients to relax.

While it is essential to choose the right music, it is equally important to ensure you stay out of trouble while doing so.

Ensure that you settle the necessary licensing fees put in place by the Performing Rights Organizations in your area. This will save you from paying a heavy fine and putting your business in jeopardy.

One easy solution for hair salons is providing music with Loop TV, a content service for businesses. Loop TV offers over 200 channels of fully-licensed music and non-music content, with curated playlists categorized by genre. Loop TV also offers a full suite of digital signage options to accompany your salon screen content. This allows hair salons to select the right music to support their brand, clientele, and desired mood, all for free.