What Visitors Want in a Casino

The Casino gaming industry over the years been a main source of entertainment for people in several countries and is governed by strict government regulations.

Casino gaming, as part of the commercial gambling market, continues to grow in popularity driven by the development of new destinations and rising prominence on online gambling/casino platforms.

But despite the proliferation of online gambling websites, there are still many people who want the real-life thing.

People go to casinos to take risks, be surrounded by an intense and lively atmosphere, have access to various different forms of entertainment, and most of all, to have fun. There are certainly good casinos and there are also bad ones. But what differentiates the good from the bad?

In this article, we will cover what visitors expect (and desire) from their visit to a casino.

The Top Things People Look For in a Casino Visit

1. Lots of Games

People want to be able to enjoy themselves gambling or watching other people gambling, and they expect there to be many different types of games to entertain them. In addition to having many different types of games, people also want there to be many games available for each type.

No one likes waiting around for their turn on a slot machine or waiting 30 minutes just to get a seat at the blackjack table. The ethos of a casino must be excess and the most practical of this excess is an excess of games.

2. A Delicious Buffet

A casino visit is so often about indulgence and the celebration of indulgence. One way to indulge yourself is to eat tons of food. That is why a good buffet should be a staple of any good casino. People should be able to eat as much as they want.

3. Free Drinks

It’s almost a cliche to say that casinos serve their guest's free drinks so that they will spend more of their money. Even someone who has never been to a casino would expect this much. And that's why it should absolutely be provided.

Of course, there should be higher quality drinks available for a price, but some type of alcoholic beverage for free is an absolute must. The visitor knows that this may lead them to make some questionable decisions, but that is part of the fun, and it is why both parties benefit from free drinks.

4. Great Wayfinding Signs

Casinos can be overwhelming and confusing places. There is so much action going around that it can be hard to get one’s bearings, let alone find the specific thing they are looking for. That is why casinos should employ digital signage with wayfinding instructions so that people can easily find their way to their desired location.

Some casinos, especially really big casinos, may want to consider installing interactive wayfinding digital signage kiosks. At these kiosks, people can look at a blueprint of the facility or search for a specific place they are looking for and receive directions on how to get there.

5. A Great Music Venue

Often people don’t go to casinos with only the desire to gamble. They want to be entertained in a variety of ways, and one of the best things that a casino can offer is a great music venue. Many of the world's top artists have had shows at casinos, so this is definitely something that people desire.

6. A Master Chef

In addition to the buffet, there should be other fine dining options. It wouldn’t hurt if the casino had a restaurant with a Michelin Star, but even if that is not available, it is absolutely necessary that there be some restaurants offering some of the best food guests have ever tasted in their lives.

Of course, there should be more than one restaurant, and just as there should be a variety of games, so too should there be a variety of different types of food available.

7. Non-Smoking

Gone are the days when people could play a game of poker in a casino while puffing on a cigar. While some might feel nostalgic for those days, the overwhelming majority of people don’t want to be in a place that smells like cigarette smoke. Of course, there should be plenty of areas outside that are designated for smoking, but smoking of all kinds should be banned inside the casino doors.

8. Awe Inspiring Architectural Design

People should be overcome with a sense of awe when they walk into a casino. Even if they only brought a little bit of cash with them, they still want to indulge in the fantasy of ultimate riches and luxury.

The design of the building, as well as the interior design, should convey a unique vibe that only your casino can provide. Two casinos might have all the same vibes, but what people want is for the vibes of the two places to be utterly inseparable to each respective establishment.

9. Friendly Staff

A casino shares much in common with the service industry, and in the service industry and casinos alike, people want excellent customer service. They expect the waiters to be courteous and the dealers to be professional.

It is almost like the professionalism of the staff forms the structure upon which people feel like they can be their most unprofessional selves. That's what people want and expect from an experience at a casino.

10. Great Headliners

In addition to having a great music venue, people expect the music played at the venue to be top-notch. There is no one type of music that a casino should have played at their venue, and their choices in acts will depend upon the vibe and aesthetics of the place. In general, people want to be wowed. If no one can sing, then bring in a circus! We are joking a bit here, but the point stays the same.

11. Adequate Parking

This is one of the more mundane aspects of going to a casino but it is nevertheless important. People should not have to drive around for an hour to find a parking spot. The casino should be easily accessible, and it should be easy to transition from the car into the casino. If people can’t find good parking, they will likely enter the casino with diminished spirits.

12. A Place to Relax

With so much activity taking place in most of the casino, it is extremely important that a casino have a place where people can get away from the noise and collect themselves.

This benefits both the casino and the person who gets to rest. If there is no place to rest, then people will tire out much more quickly, and they will end up spending less time and less money at the casino. From the view of the person who needs to rest, they likely want to keep on having fun but welcome a brief respite from the party.

13. A Place for Kids

Some parents want to be able to have fun at a casino without worrying about their kids. For that reason, there should be a place where kids can have as much fun as their parents or guardians. No, this does not mean mini poker tables, but potentially a fun house with trampolines, slides, and all sorts of other things that keep a kid preoccupied while their parents get to have some fun.

14. Easy Access to Information

Many people who go to casinos simply do not know how to play many of the games that are offered. This is where effective digital signage can come to the rescue. With interactive digital signage, casinos can feature a list of the games available, and when someone clicks on a game, provide an explanation of the rules of the game.

In addition to access to information about games, there should be large digital signs that indicate all of the available attractions that the casino offers. Someone could easily walk into a casino in Los Vegas without ever knowing about some cool spot or event that was going on just one floor above them.

Additionally, there should be information about rules of etiquette in the casino, as well as information about safety precautions and regulations. All of this information should be readily accessible.

Of course, there are staff members, of course, but it is much more streamlined and efficient to have these kinds of information available on interactive and non-interactive digital screens.

15. Healthcare Professionals on Staff

A casino is a place where it is quite possible to get sick or overwhelmed or even injured in some cases, especially when alcohol is involved. That's why it is important to have healthcare professionals on-site at all times to make sure that the guests are in good hands in case anything goes wrong.

16. A Place to Take Pictures (and maybe a professional photographer)

People often go out to casinos in their best clothes, and many people want those moments to be captured in a picture. There should be an area where people can go to take pictures. Even better would be if there was a place where people could pay for a professional photographer on staff to take their pictures.

17. VIP Sections

While not everyone is looking to have a spot in a VIP section at a casino, there is certainly a large subset of casino goers who want such an exclusive place where they can order expensive drinks and watch the exciting chaos around them. In addition to VIP sections, there should also be access to private rooms for private meals or gambling without the din of the crowd.

18. Sports Betting Area

Sports betting has always held an attraction for certain groups of people, and that is no less true now than in the 1800s to the 1900s. A lot of people just aren’t interested in playing games and prefer to take their bet on the performance of the team they picked or the horse they thought looked the strongest.

That's why, apart from the other games, there should be a separate section specifically for sports betting. The screens should be huge and with high resolution, and there should be a good sound system as well so that people can feel immersed in the sports match they are watching. Many people will come to a casino for that part alone.

19. High Stakes Gaming Rooms

Like VIP sections, this is not for everyone. But there are certainly many people who come to a casino prepared to gamble with a considerable amount of money. For these people, there should be a separate room where the atmosphere is a little more subdued to suit the serious transfers of money that are taking place.

20. A Variety of Fun Activities

This point is intentionally vague because the types of activities that are not gambling that each casino offers will often be related to the type of place and atmosphere the casino is trying to create. The point is, however, that there should be a number of activities that have nothing to do with gambling at all. There should be events of all sorts, places where people can meet and befriend strangers, and places where adults can play without the risk of losing their money.

21. Accessibility Services

A casino should be a place where anyone over the required age should be able to go and have fun regardless of any ailments or disabilities that they might have. It is important that the casino be easily accessible to disabled people and to have staff on hand to make sure that these people are comfortable.

The Ideal Casino

As we have noted before, a casino is a place of excitement, risk, failure, and success. It's a place of luxury but also pure entertainment. But beyond the glittering surface, there are many essential factors that must be taken care of.

If a casino is impossible to navigate, then it doesn’t matter how good the food since the people looking for it probably had to settle for something else. Things like parking matter, too. A casino needs to be a well-functioning machine of controlled chaos. At least, that's what people want.