Jon Niermann, Loop CEO, Sends Address To Staff Regarding Recent Events in Israel

Jon Niermann, Loop CEO, Sends address to Loop staff regarding recent violence in Israel

I've had many conversations with our colleagues, friends and others about the truly despicable attacks in Israel last weekend and the resulting ongoing fighting. Many of our colleagues, clients, partners and friends are somehow impacted. Many of them know people that have been affected - some have relatives living there, some have kids studying abroad in Tel Aviv, many have friends and fond memories of visits there. We've heard about business partners who have actually apologized that they can't make meetings because they were just drafted by the army to fight!

We must remember that People are People, and that's it. We make it so much more complicated than that as a society, and it's sad. As a company, especially a public one, there is often an internal debate or dilemma about "should we speak up or say anything, or do we run the risk of offending people." The reality is that anyone could take issue with practically any position a company like ours might take, or choice to highlight one group or another that we might make throughout the year. Others might get offended because we don't do anything.

But this attack stands out as an outrageous attack against Mankind.

This is not about borders, ideology or what each of us might believe in those areas. This is about a nightmare for people who were innocently enjoying a music festival, working, sleeping, shopping or minding their own business and living life. Until it was taken away abruptly and unexpectedly. No one should have to suffer through that pain.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with each of you, whom I truly care about. I'm appalled and offended as many are by just the sheer aggression and destruction, and now the resulting war that has and will lead to many other innocent people being taken from this world.

For those of you affected, I am very sorry. For those of you shocked and feeling scared or mortified, you aren't alone. And for those of you feeling helpless to do anything, you can through supporting organizations like the Red Cross or others sending aid.

But more than anything, we can all be more self-aware and truly understand that our beliefs aren't necessarily what others should believe, and that's ok. There's no excuse not to be kind and compassionate to each other. The world needs more of that.

With empathy,

Jon Niermann

CEO and Co-Founder

Loop Media, Inc.