Loop Media CEO Jon Niermann Talks to Us About the Music Industry and the Impact of Music Videos

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One way you might have passed the time during the pandemic was by watching music videos and listening to music. One person who knows a lot about music videos is Jon Niermann, CEO and co-founder of Loop Media. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with Niermann about the music industry. He also discussed the importance of music videos, especially during the pandemic. Here’s what Niermann had to say.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: What is it about music videos that appeals to audiences, especially during the pandemic?

Jon Niermann: Music is really the only “language” that translates across generations and borders. Everyone has a soundtrack to their life and certain songs that they emotionally connect with, no matter what language they speak or where they live in the world. People like to share the experience of either learning about new music or introducing music that is important to them with others in their family or close friends.

While some movies or TV series might elicit that same emotional connection, music by far has the largest impact on people. And “watching” music deepens that experience even further by not only seeing the artist in action but realizing how they interpret the song lyrics via a 3- to 5-minute video story. Music videos are the original short-form premium content, and they are usually quite captivating, whether it’s watching the Beatles or Billie Eilish.

CS: How will the production of music videos change in light of the pandemic?

JN: By and large, it’s a positive thing since the playing field levels for all artists. This really is a great testing ground for authenticity: costs should go down and creativity will reach new heights! Artists have had no choice but to do things from their homes, smaller studios, or outdoors without big crews. So, there’s a new purity to the video with a sharper focus on the music and artist.

Many of the bigger artist music videos are like mini major-Hollywood productions (i.e. Beyoncé), so without those happening, they need to create just like the emerging artist might have to do. We are seeing some great work come out from artists over the past few months, and a lot of these new protocols might just stick as new artists are discovered and larger ones see the benefits of more intimate connections with fans.

CS: How can music videos be used to help artists now that many tours have been suspended?

JN: It’s a terrific time for the emerging and independent artists to get a share of the eyeballs. Through this more level playing field of less grandiose productions and releases, people are sharing other artists they like more often. It’s also a great time for the bigger artists to show a different side and be more accessible to fans.It’s like the curtain being pulled back so we can enter their world a bit easier these days. Artists are finding ways to commercialize these more intimate experiences as well virtually with their fan bases. Plus, some artists might just record covers or introduce videos from their homes more than they normally would since they can’t satisfy their performance cravings on the live stage.

CS: How do you think concerts and tours will change post pandemic?

JN: While live shows and touring will never go away (because you just can’t beat that memorable experience), there are many benefits to supplementing those with more virtual performances that there may have been before the pandemic. Artists can do more from either their homes or while they are traveling to surround live events. Almost like virtual VIP experiences, which they would have just saved for backstage moments at live concerts previously.

Plus, we are seeing some really fun new experiences (like the drive-in concerts) pop up out of this that might just stick around. Overall, people will want to get back to packed venues and mosh pits, but fans will also like the “new” ability to see another side of the artist from places they can relate to better like their homes or backyards.

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