Loop Media Debuts Trailer Channel

San Fernando Valley Business Journal

Loop Media Inc. announced this month the launch of its Movie Trailers+ channel, its latest addition to the company's curated content offerings for out-of-home business clients.

The Glendale short form video distributor will stream movie, TV show and video game trailers, ranging from all-time favorites to the biggest block-busters, including new releases, cult classics, and independent films, it said in a release.

The Movie Trailers+ channel began streaming this month through the company's Loop Player in its out-of-home venues that targets the clientele of bars and restaurants, nail and hair salons, medical offices, college campuses, clothing and shoe retailers and airports. Greg Drebin, Loop's chief content and marketing officer, said the company was excited to offer another compelling custom video channel to help them enhance their environment and customer experience.

“With the amount of video content available today, a common question is: 'What's on and what should I watch?" Drebin said in a statement. "We have developed Movie Trailers+ to help viewers discover movies, TV series and video games that they may not have otherwise known about. Movie Trailers+ is the channel to watch before you watch."

All trailers will be custom-curated and categorized to help viewers discover what to watch.

For example, "Your Star Here" features movie trailers focused on specific film stars ("Thanks for Tom Hanks," "Will Smith Film Festival"), directors ("Crazy for Scorsese," "Academy Award-Winning Directors") and themes and genres ("Comedies That Are Actually Funny," "Great for a Date"). "End of the Stream" features trailers of movies and TV series that are soon to be removed from streaming platforms; and "Binge Lover" is dedicated to trailers of binge-worthy TV series and movies. Movie Trailers+ will also feature a weekly update of what's new in theaters and trailers of new video game releases, the company said in its release.