Loop Media, Inc. Announces 2020-21 Virtual Music Festival Series, Championing Emerging Artists Globally

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Given the success of its first festival, streaming media company Loop Media will be presenting a series of streamable virtual music festivals, launching a global emerging artist program.

GLENDALE, Calif.–Loop Media, Inc., an innovative streaming media company focused exclusively on premium short-form video and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Interlink Plus, Inc. (OTC: ITRK), is announcing an on-going quarterly music festival platform for emerging artists from around the globe.

Coming off the overwhelming success of its first “Loop.tv Virtual Music Festival” on April 25, 2020, hosted on Twitch for the benefit of MusiCares, Loop Media will continue hosting a series of virtual music festivals over the course of 2020 and 2021. The festivals will stream live on Loop.tv and will be simulcast to multiple online platforms for audiences around the globe.

The recent Loop.tv Virtual Music Festival featured rising and well-known artists including American Authors, Hanson, Lindsey Stirling, NETTA, AJ Rafael, Louis York, Francesco Yates, Shawn James and many others. The festival featured 35 artists for over 12 hours from seven different countries across the globe, including an opening performance by China’s DJ, LIZZY and a closing set by the UK’s Waiting for Smith. The upcoming Loop.tv Virtual Music Festival series will feature some of the same amazing acts, new incredibly talented breakout artists, more established acts and will continue to be one of the premier virtual platforms for championing rising artists during and beyond COVID-19.

“We knew the talent would be great, but we certainly exceeded our own expectations with the quality of production and the viewership for the first in a series of live streamed virtual music festivals. This event brought an audience together for a great charitable cause during this pandemic. It also gave numerous emerging artists access to a platform where they can instantly play to a passionate audience of thousands of people–many more than they might normally see in a club or smaller venue,” said Jon Niermann, CEO and Co-Founder of Loop Media. “The outstanding success of this festival demonstrates how, if given the right platform, audiences will come to find incredible artists they’ll soon love, and rising musicians will be given the break into the industry they were always looking for. We really believe that virtual events such as these are the future of artist engagement, and we want Loop to be front and center of that.”

Loop Media will be launching its new Global Emerging Artist Program in June 2020 for all upcoming Loop.tv Virtual Music Festivals. This competition will allow artists to send in 90 second auditions through the Loop™ app, giving rising artists anywhere in the world a chance to showcase their work to an audience of thousands.

Artists and fans are welcome to send submissions for future festival performances to artists@loop.tv. The next festival in the series will occur late July 2020. Check the Loop.tv website for updates in May on the Global Emerging Artist Program and for additional information on the upcoming festivals.

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