Partnership With DistroTV: New Lineup of Multiple Channels

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Loop Media, Inc., an innovative streaming media company focused exclusively on premium short-form video, announced the addition of 19 new music video channels to DistroTV, the independent free streaming television service catering to multicultural, globally-minded viewers in the US, Canada, and UK. DistroTV viewers will have the option to select channels based on a specific musical genre, mood, time of day, or popularity.

In addition to the new music video channels, upcoming Loop content for DistroTV will include The Trailer Channel, which includes top movie trailer compilations, as well as The Drone Channel, featuring atmospherics and travel videos curated from AirVūz.

With a lineup of free live-streaming content, on-demand channels, and hundreds of hours of programming, DistroTV offers a wide selection of news, movies and television series, and entertainment for audiences globally.

“This partnership represents the perfect opportunity to further expand Loop Media’s viewer base,” said Ryan Parr, VP of Linear of Loop Media. “Our extensive library of music videos combined with our drone footage and movie trailers will create an engaging viewing experience for DistroTV’s customers.”

“We’re thrilled to offer DistroTV viewers this truly impressive lineup of premium quality, short-form music videos from Loop Media,” said Navdeep Saini, CEO of DistroTV. “Providing DistroTV audiences with a wide selection of free music to watch, listen, and enjoy has been a focus for us over the past year. The addition of Loop Media’s 19 music channels represents a significant expansion to DistroTV’s already diverse and robust offering.”

In addition to enjoying Loop music videos on DistroTV, audiences can enjoy the world’s largest music video library with the new Loop app for iPhone, Android, and all leading Smart TV platforms. Businesses can also entertain their customers using the Loop Player, a small set top box that plays Loop Media’s growing collection of over 500,000 videos, including: film, game and TV trailers, viral videos, sports clips and atmospherics and travel videos.

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