Loop Adds Channels Across Millions of PlayStations Via Rad


Glendale, CA - Loop Media, Inc. (“Loop Media”), the first media company focused on fully integrated 360-degree engagement of music videos and other premium content for consumers and businesses (OTC: LPTV), today announced a partnership with Rad to bring 19 of Loop’s music video channels to the Rad platform. Rad (formerly known as Littlstar) was a launch partner on PlayStation 5 and recently introduced Watch Parties on Android TV for linear programming and live events.

Through the partnership, Loop’s content will be available on all devices that support the Rad app, collectively adding over a hundred million PS4's, PS5's, smart TVs and mobile devices to the Loop network. It also provides a foundation for technical innovation around content and dedicated communities, using Rad’s Watch Parties for streaming while people are stuck inside as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the content will be available to PlayStation VR users, where viewers can sit back in a personal theater away from the outside world.

Rad is currently featured on millions of PlayStation 4’s and a rapidly growing number of PS5’s. This collaboration came about when Rad held its Digital Mirage Festival, an EDM festival that saw a lot of traffic to the Loop channels."This partnership with Rad across the Sony PlayStation-installed base is such a fantastic opportunity for Loop to have our content reach so many people who spend hours enjoying the entertainment they love,” said Jon Niermann, CEO and Co-Founder of Loop Media, Inc. “What I learned during my time with EA is that a gaming console like PlayStation is the most powerful entertainment machine people have in their homes. PlayStation has the largest distribution worldwide with hundreds of millions of machines, and that's even prior to the huge current demand for the PS5, so it's terrific for Loop to offer up our channels on these amazing consoles.”“Music has been in our DNA since day one,” said Matt Collado, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Rad. “We couldn’t be more excited to kick off our partnership with Loop by launching its incredible catalog of music videos.”

In addition to enjoying Loop music videos and other premium short-form content on Rad, audiences can enjoy the world’s largest music video library with the new Loop app for iPhone and Android. Businesses can also entertain their customers using the Loop Player, a small set top box that plays Loop Media’s growing collection of over 500,000 music, film, TV, sports and gaming videos. True to its name, Loop’s technology uniquely enables consumers to directly influence and control the Loop “in business” experience (in restaurants, bars, venues) via the same Loop consumer app, thereby linking the two. No other video app features that innovative power.

About Loop Media
Loop Media, Inc. is the first media company focused on fully integrated 360-degree engagement of music videos and other premium short-form content by consumers and businesses. Loop improves the entire viewing experience for premium short-form content by focusing on venues and consumers in the evolving frontier of digital out-of-home, streamlining the public-to-private viewing experience. Loop’s growing library of over 500,000 short-form videos, including: music videos, film, game and TV trailers, viral videos, sports clips and atmospherics and travel videos can be viewed in many popular hospitality, dining, and retail venues; on leading branded media and entertainment sites; and on over-the-top TV platforms and CTV devices. To learn more about Loop products and applications, please visit us online at Loop.tv

About Rad
Rad is a community and streaming platform where you can stream the best in Free TV, Premium E-Sports, Gaming, Music, Comedy, Sports, Live events and VR experiences. Coordinate with your friends to watch TV together and join the conversation with live chat. Curate playlists to create your own TV channels, and share with family and friends. Stream live events, download virtual worlds and even collect points to customize your experience or get free content, products, and more. In addition, Rad offers the best video player on your PlayStation and PSVR to watch movies and videos you own along with RSS feeds and local network streaming via UPnP. The Rad app is available across devices, on PlayStation 4 and 5, PSVR, Android TV, mobile devices, and the web. Get more info at https://rad.live

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