Loop Media Partners With Rad To Bring Fresh Content to PlayStation


Partnership brings infusion of videos for your watch party

Loop Media has joined forces with RadTV to bring their premium short-form content to over a hundred million PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, smart TV, and mobile devices.

Rad (formerly known as Littlstar) will host Loop Media's “growing library of over 500,000 short-form videos, including: music videos, film, game and TV trailers, viral videos, sports clips and atmospherics and travel videos,” as seen “in many popular hospitality, dining, and retail venues; on leading branded media and entertainment sites; and on over-the-top TV platforms and CTV devices.”

Loop Media—the first media developer specializing in “fully integrated 360-degree engagement of music videos and other premium short-form content”—is a natural fit for Rad, a community and streaming platform. Users can customize their own TV channels to share with friends, or enjoy together via watch party functionality, a feature which has been increasingly important to consumers during lockdown protocols.“

What I learned during my time with EA is that a gaming console like PlayStation is the most powerful entertainment machine people have in their homes,” said Loop Media CEO and co-founder Jon Niermann. “PlayStation has the largest distribution worldwide with hundreds of millions of machines, and that’s even prior to the huge current demand for the PS5, so it’s terrific for Loop to offer up our channels on these amazing consoles.”

Loop is currently used in hospitality, dining, and retail venues to entertain customers with music, film, TV, sports and gaming videos, and other atmospheric content. This new partnership will further enhance Rad’s existing platform for free TV, premium esports, live events, and VR experiences, and create a definitive place for people to hang out virtually and safely with friends.

Rad has been available on the PlayStation 5 since its launch and is compatible with PlayStation VR.

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