Loop Media Partners with Switch to Bring Its Music Video Library to Canada

Canadian Musician 

Loop Media, Inc., a U.S.-based media company that gives consumers and businesses fully-integrated 360-degree music video and other short-form content experiences, has announced a partnership with Switch, an Edmonton-based global telecom service provider. Loop will add curated channels featuring music videos and other short-form content to Switch’s new Canadian television platform.

Loop says this new partnership is a significant step for its expansion into the Canadian market, by bringing one of the world’s largest music video library along with a vast selection of short-form content to Canada. Loop has a satellite office in Toronto.

Through its partnership with Loop, Switch will be able to successfully complement streaming giants like Netflix and Crave in Canada with a homegrown focus. Loop’s music video channels include content from Canadian artists, as well as a source for curated music video content that it says is currently lacking in Canada.

In addition to enjoying Loop music videos and other short-form content on Switch, audiences can enjoy the world’s largest music video library with the new Loop app for iPhone and Android. Also, to help entertain their customers, businesses can use the Loop Player, a small set top box that plays Loop Media’s growing collection of over 500,000 music, film, TV, sports and gaming videos. Loop’s technology enables consumers to directly influence and control the Loop “in business” experience (in restaurants, bars, venues) via the same Loop consumer app, thereby linking the two.

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