Loop Media Teams Up With Roku for New Streaming Channels and Loop Music Video App

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Glendale-based media company Loop Media announces its collaboration with streaming media provider Roku, making its music and entertainment channels available on all Roku devices.

Loop Media, Inc. - a leading provider of video streaming services for both enterprises and consumers with its own entertainment channels - will now have its flagship Loop app, delivering 24/7 entertainment through all compatible devices.

Enjoy More Music and Movies For Roku

The music video channels now available include the 2021 Hits Loop, Party Loop, Hip Hop Loop, 90s Loop, 80s Loop, and Country Loop. With Loop Media, Roku users can now access Loop Media's expansive library of music videos, with more than 300 curated playlists for different genres, moods, and generations.Aside from Loop music videos, Roku users can also enjoy its new media partner's movie library with the Loop app - available on iPhone, Android, and on leading Smart TV brands. For businesses - hotel lobbies, reception areas, display locations - they can keep their customers hooked and interested with the Loop Player, which comes in a small set-top box that can play Loop Media content of over half a million films and music videos, as well as sports and gaming video clips."Roku is a fantastic new partner for us and a testament to the quality and appeal of our new linear channels and music video app," says Jon Niermann, co-founder and CEO of Loop Media, Inc. He adds that Roku has "one of the largest user bases," adding that "those 43 million users will now have access to our premium content, which we are confident will add even more reasons for people to enjoy their Roku viewing experience."

About Loop Media

Through its proprietary platform, Loop Player, Loop Media has emerged as one of the top providers of video streaming services for both businesses and consumers - offering music and entertainment channels. It is also the only entity to be licensed in the United States to stream music videos directly to consumers and out-of-home locations such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and even retail businesses.With its apps across iOS, Android, and Huawei, as well as smart TVs, Loop Media delivers content to millions of consumers in North and Latin America. To date, its TV and Smart TV reach includes users of Amazon Fire TV, Android TVs, AT&T TV, Hisense, JVC, LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, VIZIO, and now Roku. Loop Media also offers free ad-supported streaming on TV platforms TIVO+, Plex, GSTV, and DistroTV.

Fans can follow the latest news and updates from Loop Media through their official social media channels: Instagram for Consumer and Business accounts, their Business Twitter profile, and LinkedIn.

About Roku

Known as the manufacturers of hardware for digital media players, Roku traces its origins with the first Roku stick, developed in collaboration with Netflix back in 2008. Since then, Roku has been recognized as a pioneer in television streaming technology.Through its set-top boxes and video streaming sticks, Roku connects people to a wide variety of streaming content and allowing content publishers to build and monetize their original creations, as well as providing advertising parties with a new platform for audience engagement. 

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