Loop Media will add 19 music channels on the RadTV App available on PlayStation

La Chica Gamer

Loop Media, the first media company focused on fully integrated 360-degree engagement of music videos and other premium content for consumers and businesses, has announced its new partnership with Rad (formerly known as Littlstar) to offer all of its music content on various platforms. Rad was currently one of the companies that included their application since the launch of the PlayStation 5 and recently launched 'Watch Parties' on Android TV for their programming and live events.

Thanks to the new partnership, all Loop content will be available on all devices that support the Rad TV application, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Smart TV and mobile devices. The content will also be available to VR users.

Rad is currently available on millions of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The collaboration was made possible thanks to the ‘Digital Mirage Festival’ event organized by Rad, an EDM festival that had a lot of traffic on Loop channels.

Although RadTV offers all of its basic content for free, they also offer Rad Premium for $ 3.99 per month, where you can take advantage of higher quality videos and options for an optimal experience.

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