Quibi, TikTok and the impact of short-form video

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Why we’re shifting to short form

It’s not surprising that people are moving toward short-form video, said Jon Niermann, CEO and co-founder of Loop Media and a former Disney and EA executive. Short-form content fits with current society where there isn’t always time to watch movies or binge your favorite show.

“I think it’s just consumer appetite. You know, I think that people are looking for bite-size,” Niermann said.

Experts saw the shift toward short-form videos and content. Slowly people watched less and less long-form videos and caught glimpses of shorter ones. That’s why Facebook videos became popular. People watch them for a minute or two. Anything more than that could lose people’s interest.

Short-form video succeeded because it is primarily user generated, Niermann said. Normal people create the short-form videos that go viral.

“It could have been anybody. It didn’t have to be a celebrity,” he said.

Short-form videos can be anything. It’s not a big blockbuster hit. It’s not a television show with a mystery box, or one that relies on intellectual properties.

“It can be seemingly mundane stuff. But they seem to get a big kick out of it,” Niermann said. “It’s just people posting stuff. But yet it’s meaningful. It’s got a very strong personal, emotional connection.”

Loop Media has jumped on the trend as well, creating an app that centers around short-form music videos. But more than that, the app serves as a unique place where people can watch music videos without having to jump in and out of YouTube.

“We can take the content and make it really engaging. That’s what we wanted to do.”

The key for Loop Media is a low budget. Give content creators the tools to make their own stories and music videos without any of the high Hollywood budgets. Make it feel authentic. Make it feel real. Don’t make it something grandiose and over the top.

While Loop has centered on making things low budget, others aim to create high-budget projects, which might not be fitting for the short-form video audiences.

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