The best new iOS and Android apps to download in May 2020


Here are all the apps you should install in May

Whether you’re an Apple fan or prefer open-source Android, we’ve got you covered for what to download in May to learn a few new tricks for the grill, work on your music skills, and more. We’ve also got apps to stave off cabin fever, because you’ve probably been indoors for some time now.

Miss watching MTV while out at the bar? You can recreate that experience with Loop TV, from the company that actually makes the music video displays for bars. Create your own playlists, watch a “loop” of the best music videos of the times, and flick through viral videos, movie trailers, sports highlights, and more.

Think of it as Spotify but with more videos, or YouTube without the bad cover artists. It’s also got social features where you can react to your friends’ playlists, so even though you can’t send physical mixtapes, this might be the next best thing.

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