TiVo Adds 18 Short-Form Streaming Channels

The Streamable

TiVo is adding 18 streaming channels to its short-form video catalog.

Streaming across TiVo platforms and TiVo+, the channels are part of a partnership with Loop Media, which provides music videos for businesses such as the Hard Rock Cafe.

For now, the deal only includes music video channels, but Loop CEO Jon Niermann says that could expand to non-music content in future. TiVo is looking closely at Loop’s movie and videogame trailers.

Six channels, three categories each, are included in the deal. The categories are: a hits-driven playlist, popular genre-based streams and a music-mood channel.

TiVo has had success with short-form content, such as “FailArmy,” a humor video owned by Jukin Media Inc.

Loop is also adding a music-video app and plans an AVOD service for its restaurant clients. Noting that bars and restaurants are part of the cord-cutting world, Niermann said: “They need something entertaining to fill that time and are realizing they don’t need to pay for cable to do that.” At present Loop utilizes an SVOD model.

This is the latest streaming deal for TiVo, which merged with Xperi in June. The company also launched TiVo Stream 4K, a streamer with live TV and Cloud DVR from the Sling TV app. TiVo+ has 70-plus channels and claims 3.1 million households.

Loop’s recent deals include gas station broadcaster GSTV and streaming service Plex.

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