Why Loop Media built its own Android-based video player


Loop Media, a streaming video company specializing in short-form content for businesses, just launched its own Android-based device, Loop Player.

The device can handle streaming video via Loop TV, along with scheduling and digital signage. It has 32G of internal storage for caching video, a 5v USB port and gigabit ports. Loop said the player is free with a one-month free trial of the service. Loop Media subscriptions for music videos are less than $30 per month and for digital signage are less than $20 per month. The company also offers access to movie trailers, viral videos, sports highlights and other content.

Aside from the Loop Player, there’s also the Loop content business app available for other smart TV devices, such as the Amazon Fire Stick and smart TVs. So, why is the company launching its own device when third-party streamers can do the trick?

Loop Media Chief Product Officer Liam McCallum said the Loop Player is designed for enterprise clients where it would be an “absolute disaster” if the video went offline. Loop operates on a hybrid “stream and cache” model for content delivery that gives customers access to hundreds of thousands of videos, which are cached on the device after they are streamed.

Loop Media CEO Jon Niermann also said the device can save businesses a lot of money compared to bulkier solutions that have to be pieced together. Business and enterprise clients typically have to buy an expansive computer and pay a couple hundred of dollars per month for streaming, Niermann said. Or if someone runs a bar, restaurant or other business, they primarily have to rely on satellite distribution for video. He said Loop TV and Loop Player is a simpler and more customizable approach.

“You can essentially become your own content director,” Niermann said, adding that businesses find that level of engagement appealing.

Flix Brewhouse is an early adopter of the Loop Player, and McCallum said the switch-over for the movie theater chain only took a few days over the Christmas holiday. Loop has also partnered with No Static, a company that installs audiovisual systems in bars, restaurants and other commercial establishments.

Niermann said he and his team has been building Loop Media for about four years. He said the company’s focus is on building a big out-of-home presence and cornering the commercial video streaming space. He said that by providing a self-service option, Loop helps cater to a lot of small business. The company is focused in the U.S. with plans to launch in Latin America and Canada before more international expansion. Loop is also planning to launch a consumer business this spring and hoping their big commercial footprint will drive awareness.

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