how do content ratings work?

- Album: the video was received by our team and uploaded in that condition.

- Explicit (Small 'e" next to title): The song contains explicit language not suitable for children

- Live: the video depicts a live performance

- Lyric Video: the video is an official lyric video for the song

- Short: the video has had the end, beginning, or middle tailored for business use (no lulls, no moments where the music drops out)

- Sanitized: after receiving the video, the Loop team shortened the video and removed any offensive imagery to make sure that it was ready for business.

- Remix: the audio is a remix of the main release

- Uncensored per label: the label, upon release, asked the video not be edited; Loop cannot make changes to create a version safe for business use

- Alternate: denotes a version of the video that is an alternate to the main version

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