The 5 Best TV Screens For Digital Signage Displays

Digital signage is an innovative technology that has helped bridge the communication between businesses and the public audience. With digital signage, companies can easily share information, display adverts, and directly influence the public through compelling content.

It is, however, essential to know that without the correct type of screen, your content might be next to useless. Just as the quality of your content is a deal-breaker, the resolution of your digital signage display screen plays a huge role in how successful your signage is.

With the myriad of TV screen options available in the market, it is easy to get confused about what TV brand or design to purchase. To help you, we have compiled a list of the best TV screens for digital signage displays.

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Types of Screens For Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used to create and display any content. It doesn't matter if it is promotions, ads, or announcements, as far as you have the suitable digital signage components, you can create it. However, to get the most out of your digital signs, you need to choose suitable screens.

There are different types of screens, and not all screen types are suitable for every digital signage concept. Before choosing your screen, you need to decide where your digital sign will be located and what purpose it will serve.

Liquid Crystal Display Screens (LCD Screens)

LCD screens use the light-modulating properties of liquid crystals combined with polarizers to function. In simpler words, these screens do not emit light but function with a backlight or reflector to produce images in color or monochrome.

LCD screens are the typical screens found in everyday markets. They are slim, lightweight, and produce minimal heat.

LCD screens come in three different types, with each type having its advantages and disadvantages. Each type carries a feature, and these features affect its functions.

An advantage of choosing LCD screens is their low power consumption. These screen types do not require a lot of energy to function. This translates to better energy efficiency and a lower power bill for the user. They are also less susceptible to internal damage because they do not produce heat expensively.

LCD screens, however, have notable disadvantages like uneven backlighting that causes some parts of the screen to be lighter than others and limited viewing angles. The viewing angles differ with the LCD type but regardless.

The life expectancy of an LCD screen averages between 30,000 to 60,000 hours.

Light-Emitting Diode Screens (LED Screens)

A LED screen is a screen that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Although it emits light, a LED screen should not be confused with a neon screen.

A LED screen has a brightness that provides a superior quality view and enables it to be used outdoors. The brightness is visible in the sunlight, making the LED screen a favorite for outdoor adverts.

LED screens offer a high contrast ratio and illumination that provide images with accurate color information. They are prevalent and a personal favorite in transportation companies.

LED screen backlights come in three main configurations that alter their features. The full-array configuration has a uniform backlight with local dimming, the edge-lit configuration allows extra-thin screens at the ecldnse of spotty brightness, and the direct-lit configuration is the lower-end, Average Joe design.

LED screens are a more advanced option than LCD screens. They are also affordable and provide quality top-of-the-line pictures with immersive qualities.

Touch Screens

Touch screens are like a smartphone. They encourage user interaction with a user-friendly interface.

Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

It is pretty evident that not all screen sizes are suitable for outdoor digital signage displays.

For outdoor digital signs, you need to choose screens that will attract foot traffic with their high resolution and large size to make it challenging to meet. There is no point in using a screen so small that passersby will not notice it.

Outdoor digital displays need to draw attention in the sunlight or at night. Its images need to be top-notch, and it requires a high run-time to serve its purpose correctly

Outdoor digital signage displays can come in medium or large sizes, but they often reach LED screens. This is because the LED features allow clear, uninterrupted image display during the day or at night

Outdoor digital signage display screens also need to be weather-resistant. They require protection from weather conditions and sudden temperature changes.

Indoor Advertising Display

Indoor advertising display screens are used inside business buildings, stores, malls, or churches. As long as it is in an enclosed area, it counts as an indoor screen.

Indoor screens are often smaller than their outdoor counterparts. They do not require any special weather-resistant features. Indoor screens can also be LED or LCD options.

Indoor advertising displays are placed in shop windows facing the sidewalk, waiting rooms, or in restaurants. They are primarily to provide information and entertainment to window-shoppers and walk-in clients.

Qualities of A Digital Signage Screen

When choosing digital screens for your digital signs, it is essential to look out for specific characteristics that will endure the success and durability of your digital signs. Some of these qualities include:

  • Increased strength to ensure protection against mechanical damage. This will help your screen to remain durable
  • Resolution and color reproduction
  • Brands with integrity and popularity. Some brands like Sony and Samsung are most sought after because they have repeatedly proven their screens have the best quality
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation and overheating. This is especially important for outdoor screens
  • Weather resistance for outdoor screens. This will ensure rain or snow does not immediately damage your display
  • Long life of continuous operation. How long can your display run in a day?
  • Efficiency and minimal down-time.
  • Resistance to glare, especially for outdoor screens. You need your content to be extremely visible during the day.

While it is rare to find a screen with all the qualities on this list, the screen you choose must-have qualities that tick several boxes on this list. This will ensure maximum value for your money and a screen that fully serves your purpose.

Consider important factors such as the location of your digital sign, the functions, and the angle at which the screen will be installed before settling to make a purchase.

The 5 Best TV Screens For Digital Signage Displays

Choosing a TV screen that best suits your digital signage needs can be overwhelming, especially with many TV brands, designs, and sizes. It is essential not to settle for sub-par quality screens as this will hinder the quality of your digital signs.

To help you create digital signs, we have rounded the top 5 best TV screens (in our opinion!) for immaculate digital signage displays.

1. 55' Sony Bravia X750F LED

The Sony BRAVIA X750F TV is a gorgeous modern TV screen with an impressive display. Thanks to its LED features and unique backlighting, the Sony Bravia provides a remarkable viewing display, even from a distance.

The quality of this TV screen comes as no surprise, especially because BRAVIA means Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture.

The Sony BRAVIA X750F is a high-dynamic-range (HDR) television characterized by an ultra-high-definition display. It is a cutting-edge technology that features a slim build displaying our thousand pixels per inch of screen.

The Sony BRAVIA is a smart TV that comes with USB Drive support, audio outputs, and smartphone connectivity, among other features. It provides a highly sharp image color view thanks to its Live Color Technology and a dynamic contrast enhancer.

Sony BRAVIA X750F TV works with an Android OS, making it easy to access Google Play Store. It features a power-saving mode, light sensor, and outstanding audio output. As a plus, it runs on excellent power consumption.

2. 55” Samsung DC-E Series Commercial LED

If you are looking for a commercial size TV screen to display your digital business signage, the Samsung DC-E series is a great choice to start with.

The 55” Samsung DC-E Series Commercial LED comes in a sleek, slim, and elegant design that provides a quality HD image that mimics a mirror view. This TV series is simple, pocket-friendly, and provides value for the money spent.

This Samsung series features narrow bezels and chassis depth designed to provide an immersive experience. It is designed with a direct-lit LED that provides crisp and clear image quality.

The 55” Samsung DC-E Series LED TV is designed with an impressive lifespan of 16 hours a day, operating seven days a week. It is made further durable thanks to the energy-saving benefits of LED technology.

The 55” Samsung DC-E Series helps you keep your business connected with people, even in high-traffic areas. Its uniform image display and connectivity options effectively bridge the gap between you and your potential clients by meeting your digital signage needs.

The 55” Samsung DC-E Series costs about $805, making it an extremely affordable commercial-grade TV.

3. 55” Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series

The 55” Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series might be an affordable $699 TV, but its price doesn't mean it is less effective than other expensive screens. This TV provides above-par quality images and overall impressive display performance.

The innovative design of the 55” Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series provides an elite display that rivals other more expensive TV options. It gives a sophisticated picture quality with its backlight control, excellent color quality, and contrast control, among other features. The color quality of this TV screen breathes life into all images shown.

The Quantum Dot technology implemented in the design, combined with other features like the Dolby Vision HDR, provides smooth motion and incredible brightness that births a cinematic experience. The 55” Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series is an Android TV which means it also features an integrated voice search feature that works with Google Assistant.

The 55” Hisense 55H9G Quantum Series works with premium ULED technologies to display pictures in 4K Ultra HD Resolution. All-in-all, you get excellent quality for a reasonable price.


The 55’ TCL 6 SERIES LED is designed to provide phenomenal displays of images by combining remarkable 4K HDR picture quality with mini-LED backlight display technology.

This high-performance TV is powered by QLED technology and features Dolby Vision high-dynamic range (HDR) to provide a wide color display. The 55’ TCL 6 SERIES features an impressive contrast control on a full edge-to-edge glass design for a perfect image display.

With an excellent resolution and smart 4K upscaling, the 55’ TCL 6 SERIES provides an ideal display resolution for digital business signage. Its crisp image is bound to catch and hold attention in a gorgeous display of smooth video motion.

The 55’ TCL 6 SERIES comes equipped with easy voice control that works with Siri, Alexa, and Hey Google. Ultimately, the 55’ TCL 6 SERIES is a stylish and affordable design that serves its digital signage functions with years of durability.


What makes the 55’ PHILIPS P-LINE DISPLAY a favorite is its wide-angle screen view. This makes it a superb choice for digital signage.

The 55’ Philips P-LINE DISPLAY provides clinically accurate bright imaging combined with other smart features to deliver a cinematic experience. It also combines Android SoC processor with CMND & Control to easily create your own content.

The 55’ Philips online display features an OPs slot to pair your PC, an HTML5 Browser to optimize online content and apps, a failover technology to save your content, and an mPCLe slot to perform connection functions.

All-in-all, 55’ PHILIPS P-LINE DISPLAY is no doubt one of the best TV screens for digital signage in the market today.

Choosing The Best TV Screen For Your Display

When choosing the TV screen to display your digital signs, you need to consider all factors that will ensure the success of your signs. The type of screen, screen size, and other integral factors are key to ensuring you get the most out of your digital signs.

Top in line next to the quality of your TV screen is the quality of your digital signage.

Without superior quality digital hardware or software, the quality of your TV screen will not matter. To ensure your ads and video work perfectly, you need to choose the best digital signage service.

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