5 Examples of Amusement Park Digital Signage

With more than 400 amusement parks in the United States, reports show that they entertain over 375 million guests annually. Now that can be daunting.

Amusement park owners strive to provide guests with an unforgettable experience, but getting the attention of so many people is no easy feat.

Think about the last time you visited your favorite amusement park. It was a hot summer day, and the wait time for your favorite ride was 90 minutes. How do you keep yourself entertained while waiting in line? Digital signage could provide the answer.

Digital signage is an excellent solution for many of the problems faced by amusement parks. It can be used in various ways and provides an ideal platform for amusement parks to engage their guests. Let’s explore 5 innovative and creative examples of digital signage for amusement parks.

5 Unfailing Ways to Use Digital Signage at Theme Parks

Amusement parks are revolutionizing the rides and visitor experience with the help of technology. As rides become bigger, faster, and more daring, clear communication in crowded parks becomes even more essential.

Digital signage is a powerful visual communication medium, and parks are taking advantage of this technology to provide guests with an enjoyable experience and optimize park operations. Here are 5 of the best ways parks use digital signage technology daily.

Theme parks can do more with digital signage than just advertise and promote their rides and games. In addition to hard marketing, you can use screens to create a better customer experience through soft marketing.

1. Digital Signage to Guide Visitors in the Park

What is the toughest job in a theme park? Going on the rollercoaster? Nope! The most difficult goal is to know where every exhibit is without getting off course or lost in the busy park.

Getting around a theme park can be daunting. These parks can use digital signage to make it easier. Digital wayfinding kiosks, with motion graphics, can help visitors find their way with ease. These signages feature moving arrows, red blinking pointers, animated signs indicating significant landmarks, etc.

You can even implement touchscreen navigation systems, ideally with 3D technology. Using a QR code scan, you may also assist guests of theme parks in downloading the directory from the digital signs onto their mobile devices. With GPS, they can then locate their destinations while on the move.

2. Welcome Visitors with Main Attractions and Exclusive Offers

Provide engaging material for the screens outside the park to advertise the exhibits of your amusement park and display the main draws, group discounts, and special deals. Use clever lines and quotes to get the most viewers.

Plan your promotions around the busiest times. Play videos of the top activities, explain why people like certain attractions, and use the greatest upselling techniques for your attractions.

A digital signage welcome at the entrance(s) of your theme park is a great way to make an excellent first impression on your guests. Customize captivating content such as welcoming messages, exclusive events, and videos of people enjoying the best activities and new rides in your park to create hype and the right energy to attract, motivate, and engage your guests and potential customers.

With digital signage, you can ensure that your guests get the best possible start to their journey.

3. Digital Ticket Boards

Digital ticket boards for amusement parks are computerized systems used to manage ticket sales, reservations, and payments. These systems enable customers to quickly and easily purchase tickets and book reservations, allowing them to avoid long lines and save time.

Digital ticket boards also enable customers to keep track of their tickets and check ticket prices, availability, and expiration dates. These systems can be integrated with other park systems, such as access control systems and customer loyalty programs, to provide customers with a seamless and personalized experience.

You can use ticket boards to display information like ticket prices, wait times for rides, and upcoming events. You can also use them to promote special offers and discounts and advertise season ticket packages.

4. Interactive Games or Information

Theme park owners can incorporate multiple digital displays into the rides' themes to immerse guests fully in the rides' themes. These displays can be used to show the ride countdown or simulate an experience. They can also use digital signage to create an engaging and interactive atmosphere, allowing guests to be fully immersed in the ride.

Interactive games that can be created using digital signage in amusement parks include virtual reality experiences, quizzes, scavenger hunts, trivia games, interactive rides, and more. You can use these games to enhance the visitor experience and create an engaging and interactive atmosphere.

5. Digital Menu Board or Outdoor Menu Display

Digital menu boards are a smart and attractive way to modernize your theme park. Replace boring and static signs with sizable digital menu boards that can be seen and read from the front to the rear of the line, regardless of whether your theme park offers food stalls, a food court, a restaurant, or even a bar. These displays will improve membership and club revenue.

Because of the great brightness of these screens, even uninterested bystanders will have their heads diverted and may be persuaded to buy food or drink. Use appealing, colorful images and videos to help things stand out even more.

Plan lunchtime specials or limited-time-only promos, in particular, to promote purchases among visitors to amusement parks. According to research, 2/3 of consumers have bought something they had not planned to because they discovered a coupon or discount.

It will also be possible to instantly display menu changes or special offers on the screen thanks to the ability to change the presented information from a central location with the push of a button. For instance, staff and customers benefit from the simplicity of content control.

Now that we have seen examples of digital signage for amusement parks, you need to know how to apply them to improve your theme park and customer experience.

Applications of Digital Signage for Amusement Parks

Using digital signage, theme parks may creatively inform, interact with, and market to their visitors. Amusement parks' use of digital signage has boosted profits, emotionally engaged visitors, and improved their whole experience.

Strategic digital signage placement is essential to achieving the advantages mentioned above. Theme parks can employ digital signage in the following inventive yet valuable ways:

Help Reduce Perceived Wait Time

People will always have to wait in line occasionally, gradually making them more impatient. Many studies have demonstrated that consumers frequently exaggerate the amount of time they have spent waiting, which only serves to fuel their irritability. Line-cutting and crowd issues, which are two of the most common complaints at amusement parks, might result from this.

All these issues are resolved with digital signage, which entertains and informs visitors as they wait in line. Videos, music videos, quizzes, and even predicted wait times could all be included in the content. The improved waiting experience is made possible by the entertainment value of digital signage.

You can take advantage of this circumstance to increase sales. You can assist in decreasing perceived wait times while informing visitors by displaying educational information, such as park-related videos, themed quizzes, and a schedule of special events.

Also, you may employ big digital screens to provide a real-time queue status and let visitors virtually join the line using clever queue-management techniques. In this manner, digital signage amuses your customers, improving their waiting experience. When visitors are happy, they are more inclined to spend more time and money at your park.

Deliver Timely Information and Emergency Alerts

Using theme park digital signage, you may distribute timely information, such as closing reminders, event announcements, and more. You can easily make timely updates to all of your digital signage throughout the entire park with cloud-based digital signage software like NexSigns.

You can quickly update all the screens inside and outside the park to broadcast crucial alerts to your patrons in the event of unforeseeable situations. In addition to ensuring that your visitors are continually informed, doing so will allow you to carry out a thorough evacuation, if necessary, quickly.

Advertising Promotions on Digital Signage for Theme Parks

Theme parks are full of excitement. There is just not enough space to post a banner for every campaign going on, whether you are promoting a new roller coaster or a new pop-up food stand, because there are so many things to do and see.

A park may also appear cluttered and disorganized if there are a lot of printed posters. When printed posters start to fade or become out-of-date, this visual disarray becomes more pronounced because replacing them is a labor-intensive and time-consuming operation.

Consider using digital signage for theme parks to get around the drawbacks of static posters. Install digital screens all over your park to present marketing materials in a tidy and appealing manner.

Promotional material for various booths, restaurants, rides, goods, services, and more can be added to a playlist to present varied content on a rotating basis. For example, a new ride opening or specific lunchtime deals can go live when necessary, thanks to the flexibility to plan content.

Print posters are far less successful than digital signage when it comes to both appearance and effectiveness. Electronic screens draw attention and offer the chance to show multimedia content to grab people's attention. For instance, while advertising fast track passes, create an animated rollercoaster that rushes by the screen to demonstrate how much fun the ride is before revealing the price.

The efficiency of digital signage also makes it a top draw for outside sponsors looking to connect with their target demographics, such as families visiting theme parks.

Display Height and Safety Requirements

Ensure visitors are ready to board the ride when they reach the front of the line. This is another approach to cutting down on wait times. The last thing you want is for individuals to be turned away because they fall short in height or aren't wearing the appropriate footwear.

This will irritate guests, lengthen the line, and affect other people. Digital signage ensures that everyone is aware of the process from the minute they enter the line, eliminating this issue and shortening wait times.

Use Kiosks for Ticketing and Queue Management

Using digital signage ticketing kiosks is a quick and simple solution to allow guests to purchase their tickets and record their arrival at the park. They can check out the ride timings, closure times, specific warnings, and safety procedures all at once when they gain access. You can show all of these on the kiosk's single screen.

Using kiosks eliminates paper from your theme park ticketing process. Visitors can scan the QR codes displayed on the screens to obtain tickets. They might store them on their mobile devices and display them as needed. Simple!

With digital queue management technology, theme park owners can also use large digital screens to display real-time queue status and estimated wait times for lengthy lines.

Generate Extra Revenue by Selling Ad Space

Cross-promotional marketing is essential for any effective marketing plan. It is worth emphasizing. By renting out ad space to businesses or third parties, you can get the most out of the digital signage at your theme park. This will enable you to increase your business partnerships while also bringing in more revenue.

Lastly, there are the gift shops! A theme park visit isn't complete without stopping through the gift shop. You may show all of your advertisements, product catalogs, deal offers, QR codes, and more using digital signage. Also, you can increase sales by deploying digital shelf-edge displays across your product shelves to display product details, prices, and advertisements.

Streamline Digital Signage Content

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