How 4 Businesses Use Loop TV Across the USA

The world of digital signage is rapidly evolving, and businesses are eager to find solutions that can quickly and effectively display their message, entertain, and engage their customers.

One such solution is Loop TV, a digital signage solution provider that offers a simple media player that can convert any TV or digital signage display into an immersive experience.

In this article, we'll explore how four businesses across the USA use Loop TV to enhance their customer engagement efforts. We'll examine the strategies and techniques used and assess Loop TV's impact on their overall marketing efforts.

Why Businesses Use Digital Signage

Digital signage is now a viable option for any type of business or organization, thanks to the tremendous advances in technology that have taken place in the past few years. Displays are now much more affordable and smaller and come in various shapes and sizes.

Outdoor and indoor digital signage displays, ranging from small tablets to giant billboards, are commonplace. Touch screens allow audiences to interact with the display, and displays that are visible even in bright sunlight. With so many options available, digital signage can be used to benefit any business or organization.

No matter how small a business is, all businesses need comprehensive marketing, but the most common digital signage services are expensive. With Loop TV, small and medium businesses can even convert their lobby TVs into digital signage.

What is Loop TV?

Loop TV is a powerful multi-streaming platform for businesses. Loop TV is a digital out-of-home entertainment platform that offers a curated selection of music videos, film trailers, drone footage, comedy content, children's programming and other short-form content for businesses to display on their screens.

It is designed to enhance the atmosphere of various establishments such as bars, restaurants, gyms, and other public spaces. Loop TV has partnerships with major music labels and content providers to ensure a diverse and constantly updated library of fully licensed content.

The platform is available anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. It allows business owners to stream premium content to entertain their customers and create a better and more engaging atmosphere in their business by offering access to over 150+ channels for premium music and non-music content, as well as digital signage options to customize the screen.

Setting up Loop is extremely easy and should take under 10 minutes. The device is easy to unbox and plug-and-play. It simply requires you to plug in the power and one HDMI cable connection (both included in the box).

How are Businesses Using Loop TV?

Digital signage is a powerful, cost-effective way for businesses to build relationships with their customers, create memorable marketing campaigns, and simplify the in-store experience.

Many major brands have embraced digital signage to improve the customer experience in their stores. Here are four businesses that use Loop TV to optimize the customer experience:

1. Nutrition By The Lake, St Port Clinton, OH

Nutrition By The Lake is a nutrition and health store in Port Clinton, Ohio. They offer a wide variety of health and nutrition products, such as vitamins, supplements, and health foods.

The store also offers consultations with nutritionists to help customers make informed decisions about their health and nutrition. The restaurant owner offers educational classes on various topics, such as healthy eating, weight management, and meal planning, on YouTube and other social media.

The store also carries a wide selection of organic and natural products, including snacks, juices, and ready-made meals. They need to engage their customers and increase customer loyalty. This means customers will not come once and go.

With the Loop TV media player, they can connect a network of TVs right in the customers’ line of sight. On the TVs above the counter, they can customize their banner to scroll at the bottom of the screen, where the customers can see information about their loyalty program and other perks.

All this is happening while the customer is enjoying premium rock music videos. Other TVs are hooked up to Loop TV across the room, playing relaxing yet engaging videos to keep the customers engaged while they enjoy the services at Nutrition By The Lake.

Restaurants like Nutrition By The Lake can use their TVs to create a more engaging and immersive dining experience for customers. They can even use their TVs to display specials and discounts and play background music.

Restaurants can also use the Loop screens to run interactive games like trivia to encourage customers to stay longer and spend more.

2. The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills

Karaoke nights, music for mood, sweet music, and a lovely ambience are some of the things that patrons want to enjoy in clubs. By displaying high-quality music videos, and other short-form content on their screens, clubs can create a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere for their patrons.

This can help increase foot traffic and encourage customers to stay longer. The manager of The Canyon Club believe that Loop TV is the final link to the success of a club. Why’s that? “There's people that like to socialize in a bar or restaurant club; there's some people that may just sit and drink and watch videos,” explains the manager.

Loop TV caters to both types of people. Whether you want to socialize in a club or not, you need good music to set the mood. If you love to get distracted, you need top-quality premium videos.

“Loop TV's digital signage solution has a really cool user interface that lets you customize the music throughout the night. And with that, you can just extend the customers’ stay while they're enjoying their time."

Loop TV's curated playlists can help keep customers engaged and entertained, especially during downtime or between live performances. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Loop adds to the entertainment of that evening, and that increases your club’s revenue. Instead of investing in expensive audiovisual equipment and licenses to play music videos, clubs can subscribe to Loop TV and access a vast library of licensed content.

This can save them money and hassle while still providing quality entertainment. Loop TV allows businesses to display their own ads and promotions on their screens, providing an opportunity to showcase their brand and drive sales.

3. The Pink Tub, New York

Whether you run a product store, a spa, or a salon, engaging your customers is critical to your business. You can try talking and gisting with each of your customers personally, or use a digital solution that turns your TV into digital signage to entertain, engage, and relax your customers.

Victoria of the Pink Tub chose the profitable option. Her brand specializes in the sale of organic skin products. The walk-in store has a beautiful and serene atmosphere, which she enhanced with Loop TV’s offering of licensed premium entertainment.

She uses Loop TV’s offering of unlimited premium entertainment to engage her customers and visitors. Apart from music and premium short content videos, she also uses Loop TV for branding.

She uses the option to customize her ads, schedule the timing, and determine how many times she wants the ads to display. This has increased her overall revenue and bottom line.

By displaying calming and soothing content, such as nature scenes or meditation videos, spas can create a more relaxing atmosphere for their clients. This can help reduce stress and anxiety and enhance the overall spa experience.

Some spa treatments, such as facials or massages, can last for an extended period of time. Loop TV can provide a source of entertainment to keep clients engaged and occupied during their treatments.

Loop TV also allows businesses to display their own ads and promotions on their screens, providing an opportunity to showcase their brand and drive sales of products and services.

4. Anytime Fitness, Wabash

Customer loyalty is important for any gym or fitness center. It is important to Brad too. Brad is the club manager of Anytime Fitness in Wabash, Indiana, and Anytime Fitness uses Loop TV, and both they and their customers are so happy for that crucial business decision.

What Brad enjoys the most about the new digital signage solution is that they can “throw brand ads” on the TV for incentives like ‘member of the month’ and those will display wherever they want on the screen.

Loop TV digital signage solution has enabled the managers of the fitness club to get more messages out to the members even when they are not there. That means that if a member comes in at 2 am in the morning, they're able to see the same message that they would if the gym manager was there during business hours.

By displaying high-quality content on their screens, gyms and fitness centers can motivate and engage their members during their workouts. This can lead to increased satisfaction and retention.

Loop TV allows businesses to display their own ads and promotions on their screens, providing an opportunity to showcase their brand and drive sales of products and services.

Loop TV offers a convenient and cost-effective way for gyms and fitness centers to enhance their atmosphere and provide a more engaging and enjoyable experience for their members.

By displaying a variety of licensed content, gyms and fitness centers can differentiate themselves from their competitors and build loyalty among their members.

How Can Your Business Use Loop TV?

Loop TV provides premium and professional digital signage solutions to all businesses because they believe that the best digital signage for small businesses should be affordable.

Hence, with only your TV, mounted safely and beautifully on your wall, you can display engaging content and enjoy the perks of professional digital signage.

Provide Premium Unlimited Entertainment

Enhance the atmosphere in your business area or office with your TV. If you have a lobby TV, you can use Loop TV to create a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere for your establishment.

You get the option to display high-quality music videos, drone footage, sports highlights, children's content, comedy content, and other short-form content on your TV.

Advertise Easily with Loop TV

Promote your products and services with clear messaging that will surely attract attention. You can use Loop TV to display your own ads and promotions on your screens, providing an opportunity to showcase your brand and drive sales of products and services.

Reduce Perceived Waiting Times

If your business involves waiting times or downtime, you can use Loop TV to keep customers entertained and engaged. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When people are entertained, they barely notice how long they have waited. You can use Loop TV to choose and play channels that will resonate with your audience. If your customers are more of the Gen Z, you may play more hip-hop. And you can use calming music in waiting rooms.

Educate and Inform Your Customers

Loop TV offers a range of educational content, such as workout videos or cooking tutorials, which businesses can display to promote healthy living and wellness. Pick a channel that relates to your business, and you are good to go.

To get started with Loop TV, you will need to sign up for an account and set up your screens. Once you have subscribed, you can choose from a range of pre-curated playlists to suit your business requirements.

You can also schedule content in advance and control what is displayed on your screens in real-time, giving you flexibility and control over the entertainment experience you offer.