The Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Laundromats

Laundromats have become a popular feature in many cities and have even been featured in films and television shows. They can provide a convenient and cost-effective way to do your laundry and be a great place to meet people or just relax and pass the time.

Some laundromats have started offering unique services, such as Wi-Fi, having laundry attendants, or offering free coffee or snacks. This can help to make the experience more enjoyable and allow customers to get their laundry done in a pleasant atmosphere.

If you own a laundromat business, there are many ways to increase revenue and maximize profits. While some customers may come through your door without any effort, it is important to remain proactive in your marketing efforts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

As a laundromat owner, it's vital to stay ahead of the competition and find ways to maximize profits. One great way to do this is to use digital signage. Digital signage is a practical, low-cost way to engage customers, promote services and products, and increase revenue.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how laundromat owners can use digital signage to increase revenue. We'll touch on the types of digital signage available, how to set up digital signage in your laundromat, and how to use digital signage to increase profits.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Laundromats

Digital signage is becoming a popular way for businesses to advertise and communicate with customers. As technology advances, digital signage is becoming a more effective way for laundromats to reach their customers and deliver critical information.

Digital signage can help laundromats increase customer satisfaction, inform customers of specials and deals, and even boost sales. This section will discuss the many benefits of using digital signage for laundromats. From increased customer satisfaction to increased sales, digital signage can be a powerful tool for laundromats.

1. Easy to Monitor Wash Cycle Progress

You can use digital signage to monitor wash cycle progress in a laundromat by displaying a progress bar or timer on the screen. This can provide customers with an estimated time of when the cycle will be complete and a visual representation of the progress being made.

Additionally, You can also use digital signage to show customers helpful tips and reminders about laundering and folding, and display pricing information or special promotions.

2. Easier Non Cash Payment Options

Digital signage can be used to expedite non cash payments by providing customers with easy access to payment options. Payment options such as NFC/contactless payment, QR code scanning, and mobile payment, can be made more accessible to customers by messaging on the digital signage.

The messaging can include an explanation of available payment options and instructions on how to use the options. Additionally, digital signs can also be used to display promotions and discounts encouraging customers to use the non-cash payment options.

3. Promoting Offers and Specials

Digital signage can be used in a laundromat to promote offers and specials to customers in a dynamic and engaging way. You can use digital signage to display images and videos of the offers and specials, which can be as simple as a list of available services and prices or a more dynamic, interactive display of laundry services and prices.

This can help to draw a customer's attention to the specials and encourage them to take advantage of them. Additionally, digital signage can be used to display helpful tips and reminders about laundering and folding, as well as displaying pricing information or special promotions.

For example, if a laundromat offers a special deal on Tuesdays, they can use digital signage on that day to highlight the reduced rates, or update a “daily specials” board throughout the week, displaying different offers each day. You can also leverage digital signage to help advertise where your laundromats are located and provide directions for customers coming from out of town.

4. Leverage Short Videos on Social Media

Without relying on short video content, there is still much you can do on social media to promote your business. You can make a concise video that outlines what your company does, or delve into a subject relevant to your business.

People often search for how-to videos on social media, so this could be your chance to draw in potential customers. Short videos are an incredibly useful tool for marketing services like laundromats on social media.

To make the most of it, make sure you produce quality and easy-to-understand videos. If you don't have the budget to hire professionals, you can make the video yourself.

5. Entertainment for Your Customers

Digital signage has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to reach their customers. Laundromats are no exception. With digital signage, laundromats can not only keep their customers informed but also entertain them while they wait for their laundry to finish.

Digital signage in a laundromat can be used for entertainment for customers in a variety of ways

Streaming Content

Use digital signage to host free streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu so that customers can watch their favorite movies and TV shows while they wait for their laundry.

You can also subscribe to services like Loop TV to get access to a variety of fully licensed channels that play professionally curated music videos designed for your laundromat business.

While not just any music video will do, the best music videos for your laundromat will entertain and engage your customers.

Video Gaming

Incorporating video gaming into the digital signage can be a great way to keep customers entertained. This can be done through partnerships with game developers, as well as offering games that customers can play for free in the laundromat. Many parents need their children to be busy while they do the laundry and fold clothes. Video games are a great way to keep your customers coming.


Installing a karaoke system and using digital signage to display the songs, lyrics, and instructions can be an interesting way to entertain laundromat customers.

Digital Advertising

Use digital signage to advertise special discounts, laundry tips, and other promotions that customers may find useful and entertaining. Since the people in a laundromat are stuck waiting for their laundry to finish, it presents an opportunity to advertise to a captive audience. Digital signage can be used to both entertain and advertise to these people while they wait.

6. Events and Contests

Hold special events and contests in the laundromat and use the digital signage to advertise them. This could be anything from a game night to a themed dance party. Using digital signage to share information and updates about upcoming contests or events can help keep customers engaged and entertained.

These are just a few of the different ways you can use digital signage for entertainment at a laundromat. With the right combination of content, customers will be able to enjoy themselves while waiting for their laundry at the same time.

7. Educate Customers

Digital signage in a laundromat can be used to educate customers about how to use the machines, how long different loads should wash, and how different settings work. It can also be used to explain how to properly sort laundry and use the correct cleansers for different types of clothing. Digital signage can be used to promote new services and discounts, as well as to display instructions for proper safety and sanitation.

Ways to Use Digital Signage in a Laundromat

Digital signage is a great tool to increase revenue and attract customers for any business, including laundromats. By strategically placing digital signage in your laundromat, you can create an inviting atmosphere and draw in more customers.

With the right optimization techniques, you can maximize the potential of your digital signage and make the most of your laundromat's marketing strategies. Here are tips for optimizing digital signage for laundromat revenue:

1. Use Automated Signage

Adding automated digital signage to your laundromat can be a great way to draw in customers, share pertinent information, and keep them informed about upcoming events, services, and updates.

You can use digital signage to display targeted advertisements, which can generate income from advertisers. The software can be used to display promotional messages and offers, which can encourage customers to purchase additional services or products.

2. Design Appealing Signage

Create attractive digital signage with high-resolution images and text that will grab attention and motivate customers. Your signage should be visually attractive and engaging. This means creating digital signage with high-resolution images and text that will catch the eye and motivate customers to take action.

This could include large, bold images and fonts, bright colors, and including relevant information such as special offers and promotions. The goal is to make the signage stand out from the crowd, be impactful, and draw customers to interact further.

3. Use Real-Time Pricing

Take advantage of dynamic pricing by offering different prices for different times or days. Doing so will account for differences in supply and demand.

4. Leverage Loyalty Programs

Use digital signage technology to offer loyalty programs and reward customers for their loyalty.

5. Promote Local Events

Use your digital signage to promote local events and let customers know about happenings.

6. Offer Deals and Promotions

Offer seasonal deals and promotions on your signage to entice customers into making quick decisions and purchases. Using digital signage to offer deals and promotions can bring more revenue to a business by enticing customers with attractive discounts and offering timely promotions to increase overall sales.

Digital signage also enables a business to dynamically change the offers customers see in order to increase sales and adjust to fluctuations in customer demand.

Digital signage also allows a business to target specific audiences more effectively by displaying offers tailored to those customers. It allows for more precise tracking and analysis of the performance of campaigns, enabling a business to maximize ROI.

7. Use Animations

Incorporate audio and video into your signage to keep customers engaged and entertained while they wait. Animations in digital signage can help increase laundromat revenue by attracting more customers, encouraging customers to stay longer and make additional purchases, and leading customers to take advantage of discounts and promotions.

Animations can draw attention and be used to communicate information about services, promotions, and discounts. Animations can be used to show the different services available at the laundromat, such as pickup and delivery, fluff and fold, and other services.

Animations can emphasize the rewards associated with loyalty programs and entice customers to become members. Animations can also help make wait times more enjoyable by displaying interactive content or entertaining videos.

8. Provide Supportive Resources

Utilize digital signage to feature helpful and supportive information such as weather forecasts, identification of regional landmarks and nearby attractions and services, and directions.

9. Display Advertising

Include advertising content on your game screens to increase revenue.

10. Utilize Smart Technology (Digital Concierge)

Use smart technology and interactive elements to improve customer experience, as well as deliver tailored messages and add extra value to customers. You can use it to answer FAQs and even interact live with customers with chatbots.

Stand Out With Digital Signage

Create an upscale laundromat that stands out from the rest. You don’t have to spend too much on digital signage. You don’t need LED walls or immersive displays overhead. You only need maybe some vertical display options for your digital signage.

Elevate the customer experience to boost loyalty rates and gain word-of-mouth advertising. Utilize digital signage to display news feeds, images, music videos, weather forecasts, and slideshows.

Incorporate real-time Twitter and Instagram feeds, add a zone for live TV or cable, feature local restaurant reviews, and show upcoming movie trailers. Include laundry cleaning tips to help customers make the most of their experience.

Laundromats can benefit from digital signage in a variety of ways. You can use digital signage to display pricing information, advertise special promotions, and give customers helpful tips on laundering and folding.

Laundromats can also use digital signage to show customers how to use the machines, provide them with information about available services, and even play music or display messages and images to create a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Digital signage can be a valuable asset for laundromats, as it can help create an efficient, engaging, and enjoyable customer experience.