The Benefits of Digital Signage For Lobbies

With digital signage, every space in a location can be maximized to become a digitally efficient area. This is exactly why lobbies are being upgraded to utilize digital signage technology.

Contrary to popular opinion, lobbies do not necessarily have to be boring places stripped of personality. By introducing digital signage into your lobbies, you put yourself in the best position to enjoy the benefits of keeping your lobbies digitally connected. But what exactly are these benefits?

Below, we have compiled some benefits of digital signage in lobbies.

Lobbies And Digital Signage

Lobbies are areas that act as a space from which one or more other rooms or corridors lead. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a large, open space just inside the main entrance of a public building such as a hotel, office building, or theater.

Lobbies can be found in apartments, resorts, hotels, and office buildings. They are the first and last points of contact for anyone who visits your building. This is because lobbies are the first place visitors step foot on before entering any other parts of your building and the last place they enter before exiting the establishment.

Ordinarily, because lobbies are simply an entrance to other parts of the building, many businesses see no reason to spend resources trying to upgrade their lobbies. Since the visitors’ main objectives are to get to a separate part of the building, the lobby is simply a place they pass through to settle their objectives.

Or is it?

Lobbies leave a first impression on your visitors. The state of your lobby can make or break your visitor’s experience in your building, as many people tend to judge a book by its cover.

So, do lobbies need digital signage?

Because digital signage is integral in elevating a customer’s experience while providing aesthetic benefits, it is the perfect addition to any location that will leave a first and final impression on visitors. This is precisely why digital signage belongs in lobbies.

With lobby digital signage, you can connect to your visitors through eye-catching and attention-grabbing visuals. It offers an easy way to position your brand and message as an ultimate marketing strategy to sell your product, services, and brand to your viewers.

If you have an under-utilized lobby and are skeptical about introducing digital signage, it is essential to note that you are missing out on the many benefits of integrating digital signage in your lobby.

Where Can You Use Lobby Digital Signage?

Lobby digital signage can be used in any lobby within any establishment. As long as your lobby is positioned to welcome visitors, you can utilize digital signage in the area to maximize your resources and make an impact on your visitors. Some places you can use lobby digital signage include:

Hotel Lobbies

When you think about lobbies, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the grand lobby areas in hotels where you first enter before gaining access to the rooms and other areas of the hotel.

The hotel lobby is described as the nerve center of any hotel. It is the center of the hotel where guests and prospects come to check in, check out, ask questions about the establishment, visit guests using the hotel, wait for shuttles, or even gain access to other businesses within the hotels (like spas and casinos).

Essentially, the hotel lobby is the place where many activities that concern the hotel establishment are done. Although you will find practical things in a hotel lobby, like a check-in area, furniture, and a seating area, many modern hotels also integrate digital signage in their lobbies.

These digital signage devices serve numerous purposes, including informational, educational, and entertainment purposes.


Many business establishments have lobbies at the entrance of the buildings. This lobby serves as the employees’ first point of contact as they enter their workplace.

Small and big businesses alike can use lobby digital signage as a way to communicate with clients and employees. It is an excellent medium to welcome clients and communicate internally with employees within the establishment.


School lobbies are areas that play significant roles in keeping the students, teachers, and every other staff member connected. The school lobby acts as the school’s main entrance and exit.

It is also an area used to welcome visitors, a drop-off point for parents looking to drop off or pick up their kids. Because school lobbies are a contact point for the school, they stand a lot to gain from digital signage displays and unique content.


The financial business structure has undergone a severe restructuring that has affected several aspects of the business, including the physical layouts of financial institutions.

Now, bank lobbies are not simply areas that contain comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing furniture put in place to impress walk-in clients. Today, bank lobbies have undergone digital upgrades as many financial institutions are working hard to integrate technology in what would otherwise be a bland lobby stripped of personality.

By integrating digital signage in their lobby areas, banks can improve the average customer experience and build great relationships with their clients. This plays an integral role in the success of the financial institution.

Medical Offices

Some big and small medical establishments have lobby areas built to welcome clients. These areas are the perfect places for clients to wait to be attended to or to see a patient, while enjoying other services in the medical office.

Medical offices today can integrate digital signage in their lobbies to harness the power of digital signage technology in their business. By introducing digital signage technology in medical office lobbies, medical offices can connect better with patients and other clients that walk through their doors.

Real Estate

Although not every commercial real estate establishment has a lobby in their building, this industry can still take advantage of lobby digital signage to make the most of their business.

With your real estate lobby being a client’s first contact with an establishment that will help them buy or sell their property, investing in implementing digital signage in that area will play a huge role in streamlining business processes and building a great client relationship.

Benefits of Digital Signage For Lobbies

Regardless of the business, investing in integrating digital signage in your lobby offers numerous benefits to the business. Some of these benefits include:

1. Modernize Your Lobby

Your lobby is your first chance to leave a positive first impression on your clients. It is your first (and probably the only) chance to create an impressive brand perception in the minds of your clients. In fact, 40 percent of people admit that a bad lobby experience hurts brand perception.

In the past, basic lobby additions like magazines, posters, and other forms of static signs would suffice to welcome your clients and keep them engaged in your lobby. However, society is fast-changing and has since accepted technology as a part of life. Now, a lobby without technology will be considered tired, old-fashioned, and outdated.

To upgrade your lobby by implementing a modern look, don't just choose elegant furniture. Install digital screens to communicate how tech-forward your brand is. Show your clients you are up-to-date and customer-centric and bring your best foot forward by deploying digital signage in innovative ways that will wow your clients.

2. It Can be Customized Easily

In lobbies that use static signage, it is challenging to constantly change the content in the static signs, especially on short notice. Usually, these old static signs will have to be thrown out, and new ones will have to be reprinted and hung up.

With digital signage, you can update your content whenever you please. At the tap of a button, you can quickly upgrade new customized content based on your current lobby needs.

This is a great way to consistently create new lobby aesthetics, remain relevant with fresh content instead of recycling old ones, and even show off to your clients.

3. Increases Visitor Engagement

Although static signage displays serve their purposes, their effects can in no way compare to the engagement benefits that digital signage offers. Static signs are incredible decorations. They can make a lobby look better, but they are extremely limited.

Digital signage, however, uses dynamic imagery that holds and captures attention. With moving pictures and texts, high-definition images, and even audio sounds, it will be difficult for client's to be interested in what is displayed on the screen.

Digital signage can be used to hold attention by displaying informational, educational, and entertaining content.

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4. Saves Time

Imagine if your lobby’s primary mode is passing messages internally or communicating with guests is static signs or other old-fashioned methods like word-of-mouth. Imagine how time-wasting the entire process will be.

Static signs take time to be designed, printed, and then hung up for your audience’s attention. On the other hand, digital signage doesn't need to be printed or hung up every time you need to share updated information.

Digital signage offers powerful features that make it possible to save time when passing adequate information and to communicate efficiently with an audience.

5. Improves Wayfinding

The digital wayfinding solutions market size is projected to reach $664.95 million by 2028 (from $234.62 million in 2021). Digital wayfinding solutions are becoming the next big thing. The best part is they can easily fit in your lobby.

Digital signage in lobbies is an excellent way to point your guests in the right direction. Although lobbies can be found in small and large establishments, they are often found in the latter. However, because large establishments are, well, large, it can be challenging for guests to find their way around the building.

Wayfinding in large establishments is a more problem and pain point for many guests. Without knowing what directions to go in to attain the product or service they need in that establishment, they are often lost, confused, and frustrated.

To solve this problem, integrate digital signage technology to offer wayfinding solutions in your lobby. Wayfinding digital signs will point your guests in the right direction, improving navigation and eliminating the problem they face while trying to find their way into your establishment.

Don't know how to use digital signage for wayfinding solutions? Check out five examples of digital signage for wayfinding here.

6. Scale Up with Multi-Layout Displays

Are you tired of boring static displays in your lobby? Switch up the aesthetics with digital signage in different forms and sizes! One of the best things about using digital signage in lobbies- or anywhere else for that matter- is they can be customized however you please.

Traditionally, digital signs come as single screens that show customized content. However, digital signs can also be customized to feature more than one screen. This involves the use of multi-screens.

Multi-screens come in different shapes. More importantly, they can be put together to form a uniform screen that displays one type of content or shows different types of content. Regardless of how multi-screen digital signage layouts are used, these giant screens are eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

In lobbies, multi-screen digital signs can be used to display uniform content to communicate with staff or clients. It can also be used to display several contents like news, weather updates, and other engaging content at once.

7. Improves Internal Communication

Internal communication is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Without an ideal communication structure, internal communication is usually fragmented and prone to friction, making it difficult to send pass information from part of the establishment to the other members of the establishment.

Lobby digital signage solves this problem by offering a medium for establishments to send general messages out in real-time. Acting as a digital notice board, digital signage uses dynamic imagery and eye-catching content to grab attention and quickly pass information without any boundaries.

Digital signage displays in lobbies are strategically placed to grab attention. Established at the entrance and exit lobby areas, it will be implausible for messages directed at staff to be missed.

8. Create Brand Awareness

Would you like to dabble in a bit of on-site marketing? Will you like to show your guests or clients the newest projects your establishment has been working on? Are you looking for an easy way to build brand awareness?

Lobby digital signage is an excellent way to give your guests more exposure to your brand. Let them in on more of your brand story by creating awareness around certain elements that will offer better brand exposure.

With digital signage in your lobby, you can show content about your current or future projects/products/services, display certificates, or even talk about your achievement. Display content that will immediately help your audience associate or relate better to your brand. For better effects, use elements that support brandings, such as specific colors, fonts, and logos.

9. Cuts Cost

Communication is an integral part of establishments. However, the methods usually used in these establishments are not cost-effective and will usually eat into the establishments’ finances. These methods typically include things like posters, fliers, or even leaflets. However, in establishments with lobbies, it is easy to quickly eliminate these costs by investing in digital signage solutions.

Digital signage in lobbies makes communication easier without needing extra resources or costs. By eliminating costs that would otherwise be directed at printing leaflets or putting other static sign communication materials in place, establishments can cut costs and focus their finances on more important aspects of their business.

10. Higher Brand Recall Rate

Will you instead remain on your guests’ minds or be forgotten as soon as they walk out of your lobby? If you choose the former, investing in lobby digital signage is one way to do so.

Using digital signage technology in the lobby helps to provide a more immersive experience as soon as your audience walks through the doors. Immediately faced with high-resolution screens showing eye-catching animated content, your guests will be instantly wowed and impressed. This helps you remain on their minds, even after they leave your premises.

Although it might not seem like a benefit, brand recall is the reason many guests will come back as returning clients and refer you to their friends or family.

Loop TV For Your Lobbies

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