The Best Latin Music Videos of 2022

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Latin music videos can be a great way to add an upbeat atmosphere to any business lobby. It can help create an inviting and inspiring atmosphere for customers and employees.

From the lively rhythms of salsa to the soulful sounds of reggaeton, there is something for everyone. People of all ages can enjoy Latin music videos. Many Latin music fans are of Latin descent. Some like this type of music's upbeat and soulful rhythms.

Latin music videos can be an excellent way for people to connect with their culture, as the videos often feature cultural references and traditional dance moves.

Latin music videos can be an excellent fit for any type of business. They can be used in business lobbies to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers, in offices to add a bit of energy to the workday, and in shops to create a fun shopping experience. You can also use Latin music videos to add a cultural element to any business.

The Best Latin Music Videos of 2022

When choosing Latin music videos to play in a business space, selecting appropriate and enjoyable music is essential. The music should be upbeat and energizing, and suitable for the workplace. It's also important to consider the target audience and their cultural backgrounds, as well as their age range and music tastes.

The music videos should also be filled with exciting imagery, choreography, and cool edits. It's vital to ensure the music is appropriate for the business, meaning it does not contain explicit content. Finally, it's crucial to choose a variety of music so that there is something for everyone.

Here are the 10 best Latin Music Videos of 2022:

1. Bad Bunny - Después de la Playa

The music video for Bad Bunny's song "Después de la Playa" is a beautiful visual representation of the track's lyrics. The video shows Bad Bunny and his friends enjoying a day at the beach and reflecting on the feelings of heartache and longing that can come with a relationship ending.

The visuals are stunning - from the bright sunshine of the beach to the soft romantic candlelight of a nighttime gathering. The symbolism of ocean waves crashing against the shoreline is perfect for emotions to come and go through the tide. The video is an excellent example of how music and visuals can come together to create an emotional impact.

2. Ozuna ft Feid - Hey Mor

The music video for Ozuna ft Feid's "Hey Mor '' is a vibrant and colorful celebration of Latin culture. The video features Ozuna and Feid as they travel through the streets of Feid's hometown of Medellin, Colombia. The visuals are spectacular, with vibrant colors, classic cars, and a lively street party.

The music video is a stunning visual journey through the city of Miami. Throughout the video, Ozuna and Feid perform a catchy and energetic single. The video also features stunning visuals of Miami's skyline and shots of the city's vibrant nightlife. With its upbeat and soulful rhythms, "Hey Mor" will surely be a hit with Latin music fans.

The lyrics in the song reflect this celebration of Latin culture, with a message of unity and strength. Overall, the music video for "Hey Mor'' is a fun, energetic celebration of Latin culture that will make you want to get up and dance.

3. Kim Loaiza ft Elvis De Yongol - DEVOTO

The music video for Kim Loaiza ft Elvis De Yongol's song "DEVOTO" is a visually stunning blend of colorful imagery and captivating choreography. The video starts with an intriguing array of symbols, setting the stage for both artists' passionate performances.

Throughout the video, the two performers move in perfect synchronization, while the vibrant visuals add a sense of energy and emotion to the overall presentation. It's a captivating piece of art and a fantastic way to experience the song's hypnotic beats and powerful lyrics.

The video is going to entertain Latin music fans. Anyone looking to experience something unique and different will enjoy the feel of the music video.

4. X Alfonso and Síntesis - Ancestros Sinfónico

The X Alfonso and Síntesis - Ancestros Sinfónico music video is a stunningly creative and captivating visual experience. The video tells the story of a young girl and her journey of self-discovery through her roots, beginning with discovering her African heritage. The visuals are breathtaking, with a combination of 3D animation and live-action footage.

The music perfectly accompanies the visuals, providing a powerful and emotional soundtrack to the video. The video also features an impressive cast of dancers and musicians, bringing the visuals to life.

The music video for X Alfonso and Síntesis' "Ancestros Sinfónico" is a captivating and inspiring tribute to the group's Afro-Cuban roots. The video takes viewers on a journey through Cuban culture, with vibrant visuals and a powerful soundtrack.

The video features powerful images of the Cuban people and a stunning performance from the members of Síntesis. The track is an homage to the group's ancestors and explores Cuban culture, making "Ancestros Sinfónico" a must-watch for any Latin music fan

5. Shakira ft Ozuna - Monotonia

The Shakira ft Ozuna - Monotonia music video is an exciting blend of Latin and Caribbean music. The video follows a group of friends who experience a night out in the city. The visuals are stunning, and the choreography is mesmerizing. The music is catchy.

Ozuna and Shakira's vocals perfectly match and create a vibrant and powerful collaboration. The video is an excellent example of how two different genres can come together and create something beautiful. Overall, it's a fun and energetic video that will have you singing along and dancing all night long.

This music video is excellent for playing in office spaces. The video features stunning visuals and a powerful soundtrack that captivates viewers. The song is an upbeat and soulful bachata track, perfect for creating a welcoming and energizing atmosphere. It tells a powerful story about Shakira's broken heart, making it an excellent choice for showing the importance of resilience and self-love.

6. Jay Wheeler ft Mora - Suelta

The music video for Jay Wheeler ft Mora - Suelta is a vibrant, colorful, and fun-filled visual that perfectly complements the lively Latin urban bop. The video begins with a flash of bright lights and a colorful array of dancers in the city streets, which sets the tone for the rest of the video.

The camera follows Jay Wheeler and Mora as they make their way through various locations, showcasing their energy and charisma as they perform the upbeat tune. The video also features some impressive choreography, with the two artists performing fantastic moves in a captivating performance.

Jay Wheeler ft Mora's "Suelta" music video is excellent for playing in business spaces. The track is an upbeat, reggaeton-infused bachata that captivates viewers. The video features stunning visuals of Jay Wheeler and Mora performing the track and vibrant shots of Miami's skyline.

The song will create a fun and energizing atmosphere in any business space. Additionally, the lyrics of the track speak to overcoming obstacles and embracing life's journey, making it an excellent choice for inspiring viewers.

7. MTZ Manuel Turizo - La Bachata

La Bachata, the latest music video by MTZ Manuel Turizo, is an impressive visual journey through a vibrant world of color and culture. The video follows the story of two people, a man and a woman, as they explore the vibrant atmosphere of a city street. The vibrant colors, the upbeat tempo of the song, and the infectious choreography make the video a fun and captivating experience.

The choreography was especially impressive, as it showcased a variety of traditional Latin dance moves and some modern influences. The video also highlights the diversity of the Latin music scene, as the song features both Spanish and English lyrics. Overall, La Bachata is a fantastic example of how Latin music can combine traditional and modern influences to create an entertaining and unique experience.

MTZ Manuel Turizo's "La Bachata" music video is excellent for playing in business spaces. The track is an upbeat bachata with honest lyrics about grieving a relationship, sure to captivate viewers.

The video features stunning visuals of Manuel Turizo performing the track and shots of SouthVibes x Z-Angels Dance Fitness Instructors ZIN from the Philippines. The song will create an uplifting and energizing atmosphere in any business space.

8. Maria Becerra - Automatico

Maria Becerra's music video for her single "Automatico" is an incredibly creative and visually stunning piece of art. The video follows Maria as she navigates the world of a robotic society, where everything is controlled by a central computer system. The visuals are colorful and eye-catching, and the choreography is creative and captivating.

The song's lyrics comment on the idea of feeling a lack of control in life and how simple it would be for a machine to take over and run everything. The video strongly conveys the importance of maintaining our autonomy and avoiding being overpowered by technology. Maria Becerra has created an impressive work that your customers will surely remember for its unique style and powerful message.

The video is a stunning masterpiece. Perfect for playing in an office space to keep visitors coming.

9. Morat ft Juanes - 506

The music video for the song '506' by Morat ft Juanes is a powerful and emotive piece of art that tells a story of love, loss and the power of friendship. The video follows two young boys struggling with the loss of their beloved father and the emotions that come with it. The video is visually stunning as it captures the beauty of the Colombian landscape as well as its people.

The video also features stunning choreography that further adds to the emotion of the video. The song's lyrics combine Spanish and English, and the melody is haunting and beautiful.

The video perfectly represents the song's theme, which encourages us to look for strength and hope in the darkest of times. Playing this music video in your office space is a great way to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere for everyone.

The upbeat music and vibrant visuals provide an energizing environment, and the song's inspiring lyrics about standing up for yourself and striving for a better future will help motivate and encourage your team.

10. Maluma - Mojando Asientos

The music video for Mulama - Mojando Asientos is a vibrant celebration of Latinx culture. The video follows a group of friends dancing, cooking, and partying through the night. The video is full of bright colors, upbeat music, and lively choreography that captures the joy and energy of the music. The video also uses traditional Latinx dance moves and costumes, which adds to its authentic feel.

The video serves as a reminder of the importance of celebrating and embracing Latinx culture and its beauty. The video is a beautiful way to bring people of all backgrounds together to celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our world.

How to Choose The Best Latin Music Video

More people are enjoying Latin music, hence, it’s a smart choice to have them playing on your lobby tv. Choosing the best Latin music videos can be a tricky task. It's essential to consider factors like the type of business and the intended atmosphere.

For instance, if you're looking for Latin music videos for a business lobby, you'll want to choose upbeat music to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere. You should also consider the type of music that your customers and employees will appreciate.

When selecting music, it's essential to consider the age range, cultural backgrounds, and music tastes of your target audience. Finally, be sure to choose music that is appropriate for the workplace.

Playing Latin music videos in your business space is a great way to create an energizing and uplifting atmosphere. All the videos in this list are upbeat tracks with inspiring lyrics and stunning visuals.

You can play the music videos at any business with Loop TV in the background. If your visitors are Latin music fans, they will enjoy listening, and this will create a great impression of your business. This can potentially boost their patronage, leading to increased revenue.