how do I upload my digital signage?

Sign in to your Business Portal. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it HERE.

In the left-hand drop-down menu, click the small (+) sign next to signage sets. You will be prompted to name your signage set. Then click 'add sign.'

Your digital signage set has five components: an overlay image (.jpg/.png), video overlays (.mp4 with or without audio), optimized website URL, RSS feed, and a text ticker.

• The image overlay will be displayed over your content stream at the frequency you choose for 15 seconds each time an image shows.

• The video overlay will be displayed over your content stream at the frequency you choose and for the duration of the video file. A video containing audio will play with audio, and a video without audio will allow the audio from the content you have playing to continue to play uninterrupted. 

• The text ticker will be displayed along the bottom of the screen and travel left to right at the frequency you choose. You have the option to add a background for better visibility and choose the color and opacity for both the text and background. 

RSS feeds and URL options vary depending on the content. 

The ideal aspect ratio for uploaded images and videos is 16:9. Anything less than a 4:3 ratio will be cropped. The max resolution is 1920x1080 for images.

Drag and drop your image or video files into the designated pop-up area. NOTE: Be sure to choose the video tab if you are uploading a video, and image tab for images. 

You can then choose start and end dates and times, and select which days of the week you want the signage or text to show.

For RSS Feed, URL, and Text, simply choose your desired tab and follow the prompts.

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