what is signage library?

If you've logged into your business portal lately, you might have noticed a new update: our Digital Signage library.


Gone are the days of having to separately upload the same artwork for each signage set you need to create. Now, all your artwork, scrolling text tickers, RSS feeds or websites are located in one single signage library. You don't have to recreate your signs for each location or screen.

You simply click the edit button at the top right corner of each sign, and then easily update the start and end date or any other changes. You can also update the hours and even days of the week when you want the signage to be displayed.

Still have questions about individual signage? Check out our help article on Digital Signage for more information.

Signage Sets

Signage sets are groupings of signs that can be manipulated and applied to your individual Loop TVs. From the drop down menu at the right of the signage set, you can set the frequency - you can have signage that runs continuously, or an interval of videos. The signage set will play in its entirety based on the interval you select.

You can still edit the individual signs from this panel as well.

New Feature: Rotating Signage

Want to run a vertical ad in your business? We now allow you to rotate your signage! Just select the rotate button upon upload.

Applying Signage Sets

Nothing has changed about how you apply signage sets to TVs - just head to the individual TV and select the signage set you'd like to apply from the dropdown menu on the right side of the screen.

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