How To Add a Custom Logo to Your Loop TV Channel

Sign in to your Business Portal. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it HERE.

In the left-hand menu, click the small (+) sign next to the “Custom Logo” option. Drag and drop your .png or .jpeg logo image into the pop-up and click, “Save”. If you already have a logo uploaded, the (+) sign will show as a pencil icon (edit).

Note that this will add your logo to the upper-left-hand corner of ALL your players/screens in your account.

If you wish to have a unique logo for any of your additional players/screens, you will need to upload the desired logo to the checkered “Custom Logo Override” box on the right-hand side of the screen when you are viewing a specific player in your business portal.

Click on the checkered box and proceed to upload your .png or .jpeg logo file.

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