Loop TV Interface

A New, Intuitive Layout

We’ve upgraded and redesigned our player interface to make finding content more intuitive. Our fresh, new look is more welcoming and user-friendly, and allows you to easily navigate our library of hand-curated channels.

Home Page

Your home page is where you can discover new content, see trending channels, and continue watching channels that you already love.

The main carousel features trending channels as well as featured content hand-selected by the Loop TV team. These channels can include our specialty programming around holidays, current events and pop culture.

We've also put together new Super Channels around some of the most popular genres on the Loop TV Player - Super Channels are comprised of the top 100 all-time best videos in any given category. Current Super Channels include: Pop, R&B and Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Dance/Party, Classics and Latin.

You can also access the previous channels you have played, including the last channel you were watching when you turned off the Loop TV Player.

New Channel Information

Now, when you select a channel, you will be presented with a sampling of the artists and videos present in the channel. Videos will also have a rating to give a sense of how appropriate the channel will be for your business. Want to learn more about our ratings system? Check out our article on ratings here.

You’ll have the option to play the channel or to pin the channel to your home screen for easy access.

New Options For Playback

We've added the ability for you to queue up songs to be played next, and for you to ban songs that might not fit with your business.


The Apps page is where you can manage the embedded widgets and also your Loop TV Player’s digital signage. These applications can really help you take your digital displays to the next level, with apps specifically designed for fitness centers, airports and more.

Weather Widget

The weather widget displays projected forecasts for the day and includes temperatures and the likelihood of rain.

Fitness Timer

The fitness timer displays a simple countdown clock perfect for gyms and fitness centers that want to help patrons time their workouts.

Local Clock

The local clock displays the time in your timezone.

Text Ticker Speed

Want to adjust the speed of your text ticker crawl? You can quickly and easily toggle between fast, medium or slow speeds! Want to know how to add a text ticker to your signage? Learn more here.

Airport Information

Do you have customers that would benefit from knowing changes to local departures and arrivals? You can display the information for any airport! Simply select arrivals or departures, then the state and airport that you’d like to display.

Additional Signage Features

The last three apps allow you to quickly and easily manipulate your digital signage!

Menu Mode lets you display signage uninterrupted - this is perfect for TV displays that simply want to project signage continuously like menus, back-of-house messaging to employees and more.

You can select Web Signage options to zoom in or out on your website display.

Finally, selecting Video Captions will allow you to add a caption to your video signage.

Need a refresher on how to upload digital signage to your business portal? Find out more here.


Looking for the artists or genres that best fit your business? Search allows you to search for channels that contain certain keywords or phrases!

Questions About the New Interface?

If you're interested in learning more about the changes, watch our latest webinar where Roy and Daniel explain everything you need to know about our new interface.

Feel free to email support@loop.tv with any questions - our team is here to help guide you through the update.