The Benefits of Digital Signage for Real Estate

The real estate market is completely saturated with listings. Although the housing market is booming, with many people in the United States looking for new properties to buy and 77,000 houses sold in 2021 alone, the real estate business is still highly competitive.

In order for your real estate business to be successful, you must rely on more than just the quality or prices of your property listings. How the property is presented to potential buyers is incredibly important.

In other words, to be successful in the real estate industry, you need to make yourself stand out from the competition with innovative techniques with special attention to effective marketing strategies. One of the most powerful technologies available for those in the real estate industry is digital signage for marketing.

Digital signage is being used at ever higher rates in a variety of industries because of its versatility, customizability, and high functionality, but many of those in the real estate industry have not yet taken advantage of the full range of benefits that come with real estate digital signage.

In this article, we will give a brief overview of what digital signage is, and then we will launch into an extended and informative discussion of the most salient benefits those in the real estate industry can expect to get when strategically using real estate digital signage.

Spoiler alert: by reading this article, you will learn about some real ways that digital signage can maximize profits for your business. You will not want to miss out!

What is Digital Signage?

Simply put, digital signage refers to the use of digital screens in conjunction with digital signage solutions like that offered by Loop TV, to display high-quality and engaging visual content to potential customers, customers, and employees.

This is certainly a simple concept to understand, but within this simplicity lies a whole range of creative ways to revolutionize the way that your business markets to and interacts with customers.

One of the reasons that digital signage is such a powerful tool for businesses is that it is highly dynamic and versatile. There are simply so many different types of content that a business can display on its screens.

Some examples of the types of content include high-quality images, videos, animations, text, logos, wayfinding instructions, interactive apps, promotions, testimonials, advertisements, and so much more!

Another reason digital signage can be so effective is that there is a wide range of screens that a business can use, meaning that businesses can choose the best types of screens according to their intended purposes.

Some examples of the types of screens that can be used for digital signage include consumer-grade TVs, LED walls, vertical displays, commercial-grade screens, outdoor digital signage displays, tablets, and even billboards.

After seeing how many options a business has when it comes to digital signage in general, it should start to become more clear that there are tons of benefits of digital signage for real estate businesses specifically.

In the next section, we will dive into some of these benefits in depth, so that you can come away with a solid understanding of what digital signage can do for your business.

The Benefits of Real Estate Digital Signage

1. Digital signage helps draw more people into your business

While many people get in contact with real estate agents and businesses through digital channels, such as website inquiries and emails, there is still a significant need for real estate businesses to make sure that their offices are unmissable.

A huge portion of customers that are potential home and apartment buyers are looking to buy property in the city or town in which they already live. This means that many of your real estate business customers will be driving or walking around your office at some point.

When people pass your office, they should not be able to miss it. It should stand out, and people should remember it whenever they are thinking of purchasing a property.

Now, many real estate offices make use of traditional signs. These include posters, cardboard signs, and metal lettering above the office. But the thing is that so many businesses are using traditional signs that they simply do not stand out to people anymore. People might casually see the signs, but the signs won’t find their way into their awareness.

This is where digital signage comes in because digital signage is such an effective technology for turning heads and making sure your business sticks in people’s minds. This is because, with digital signage, your business can make use of a variety of content, such as high-quality pictures, videos, animations, and branded content like logos.

Many digital signage solutions will provide you with templates for your digital signage, but another option is to use the various tools available to make your own digital signage or hire a professional designer. With these eye-catching visuals, you will be sure to capture the attention of those who pass by.

But the outdoor digital signage sign outside of your business is beneficial for more reasons than capturing the attention of those who pass by; it can also be a great way to make a great first impression on those people who are about to enter your business for the first time.

Digital signage can make a business look a lot more modern and sophisticated, and this is certainly the vibe that you want to give off to customers, especially those who are new to your business.

And just as first impressions are important when making friends and romantic partners, so too is the first impression that your real estate business makes on your new customers.

For these purposes, traditional signs just won’t cut it, but digital signage definitely does!

2. Digital signage makes properties stand out

Outdoor digital signage is not only good for real estate businesses when the displays are located outside the store. Digital signage can also be highly effective in promoting properties that are listed for sale.

Everyone has become accustomed to seeing yard signs with the face of a real estate agent placed in the yard of properties that are for sale. This will not make your real estate business stick out, no matter how good the design is.

But what can really make a difference is by installing an outdoor digital display in front of properties that are for sale. You could even have a running video showing incredible pictures of the interior of the house. Now, this could really get people interested.

Of course, a real estate business often wants to cut costs, and installing digital displays in front of all properties may be unrealistic. But there is no need to put your digital signage displays in front of every house. You could simply employ this method for properties that are a high priority.

Moreover, you may even find that this reduces costs since over time, you will not need to pay for yard signs or posters since you can digitally display everything those methods could show and much more.

3. Digital signage increases convenience with virtual tours

How can you make the real estate experience customer experience better? Well, one way would be to cut out the need for customers to visit a great number of houses before they find one that is to their liking.

In the past, real estate businesses might show potential buyers pictures of various houses while they are in the office before hitting the road and checking out the houses in person. The thing is, printed pictures or pictures on a small screen like a computer, often do not give the client a good idea of what the house is like.

With digital signage, your real estate agents can give virtual tours of houses from the comfort of the office. This can get customers much more interested in the properties available, and it can also reduce the need to make as many house visits since customers will have a much better idea of what the houses are like before going.

4. Digital signage makes property listings stand out

It is certainly the case that many people search for properties on the internet before contacting a real estate business or agent. However, the prevalence of the internet has not made property listings, shown inside a real estate office or seen through the windows less important.

Traditionally, real estate businesses display their property listings with flyers and posters. But as with traditional signs, these methods, which make use of static images and text, simply do have the same impact that can be conveyed with the use of effective digital signage.

With digital signage, you can keep property listings updated in real time, meaning that you can convey the most up-to-date information to potential customers while also cutting printing costs.

Moreover, with high-quality digital visuals, your property listings can be much more dynamic, creative, and visually pleasing. There are many ways to do property listings with digital signage that will make your real estate business stand out, but we will give just one example of a highly effective method.

Many digital displays on the market offer touch-screen functionality. So, one effective way of showing your property listings to clients would be to let them use the touch screen and investigate the properties that look interesting to them. By doing this, you can increase customer engagement, and let customers feel like they are in control.

This sense of control is certainly one of the reasons that searching for properties on the internet is appealing to many people, but using your digital signage allows a real estate business to take out much of the confusion involved in searching for houses since an agent is readily available to answer questions and give pertinent information.

It's a win-win situation for both customers and real estate agents, especially since getting clients engaged and improving the customer experience is more important than ever.

5. Digital signage levels up the impact of customer testimonials

There may be no better way to increase the impact of advertising than to let customers hear about the positive opinions and experiences of other customers. This is one of the reasons that word-of-mouth marketing is so important for businesses, especially if they are local.

Since employing digital signage can greatly improve the customer experience, word-of-mouth marketing is likely to increase, but there is also a more direct way that digital signage helps potential customers see or hear the words of other happy customers.

With digital signage, your real estate business can feature customer testimonials that can have a huge impact on the buying behavior of potential customers. This is because customer testimonials will be hard to miss when put on a digital display. But there are other reasons too.

Many customer testimonials simply feature a picture of the customer and a quote from the customer. However, with digital signage, you can actually display videos of customer testimonials, so potential customers can hear about the great experiences directly.

With digital signage, the impact of customer testimonials can greatly increase, and this is so important. People are often wary of the claims that certain businesses make. The baseline assumption that many customers have is that other people are simply trying to make money off of them so their words must be taken with a grain of salt.

However, customer testimonials cut through this wariness and can have incredible promotional results for businesses that make sure that they present customer testimonials in the most accessible and effective way possible.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Digital Signage

As we have said, the real estate industry is highly competitive. However, these days, there are tons of people on the market for a new home, and a real estate business has the potential to be highly lucrative if it can market strategically and improve the customer experience.

One of the best tools available for real estate businesses is undoubtedly digital signage. It will help you stand out from the crowd and can greatly increase profits.