The Benefits of Digital Signage for Trade Shows

Trade shows are excellent for publicity. The issue is that every company there is clamoring for attention. You must first capture people’s attention to engage with target businesses or customers.

The layout and signage of your booth, which will determine how visitors perceive your business, should receive a lot of attention as you prepare for trade shows and exhibitions. It is how you bring about those in-person interactions.

How will you get attention among hundreds of other businesses? Now, that is not a job for banners or billboards. You can increase visibility and engagement at trade shows with digital signage. Draw attention with a polished, contemporary digital screen.

This article will help you prepare for your next trade show. You will learn how to turn your booth or stand into an attention magnet with unique digital signage for trade shows.

Before You Trade Show

Before attending a trade show, keep in mind that the best marketing strategy is one that generates more leads. That is show business.

A trade show is where companies in a particular industry or related industries showcase their products and services to potential buyers. It is an excellent opportunity for businesses to meet new customers, build relationships with existing ones, and showcase new products or services.

Trade shows usually feature a variety of seminars and workshops on topics related to the industry, as well as networking events and business meetings.

Trade shows are also great for drumming up media coverage and creating positive publicity for a business. Imagine setting up a booth with paper and tarpaulin banners!

Benefits of Digital Signage for Trade Shows

Let us look at how trade show exhibitors around the world have benefitted from using digital signage for trade shows:

1. Save Money by Increasing Efficiency

You must spend money to earn money, right?

Trade shows require an investment to grow your brand, connect with new potential customers, and increase your marketing budget. No one likes to waste money.

Because you have a marketing budget, you pay closer attention to what is not worth investing in light of your business objectives. By going digital with your signage, you save time and money.

The cost of printing new signage includes project management, design, printing, shipping, and other costs. However, printing new signage each time you have an epiphany for new content seems ancient, given that you can update digital signage via an online content management system in real time.

Most studies indicate that you can save 30% on costs after implementing digital signage within a year. With digital signage, you only spend so much once.

You can display more than ten concepts or content in the same space. You're making more room for display.

2. Create Buzz on Social Media

Your booth at a trade show might become the busiest if you use a digital screen with the right content. The use cases of digital signage are too numerous to count in a single blog.

For example, during trade show events, people frequently post on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. It's a good idea for your business to participate, but you can do better with a digital screen.

You can display live tweets, Instagram, and Facebook image feeds on a screen. You could promote posts made by people using the official hashtag for the event or encourage attendees to tweet at your account to grow your own following. In either case, people will be drawn to your booth and want to participate.

Including a showpiece like a video wall can generate social media traffic on its own. Your audience may be impressed by the size of the screen and its technology, which will likely cause them to tweet about it. This has been demonstrated in numerous prior instances where video walls have wowed audiences.

You get more wins if you create clever and creative graphics with an immersive screen. People will surely take pictures and post them on social media, giving you more attention even after the trade show is over.

3. Encourage Repeat Visits

People will remain interested in your stall all day long if you advertise the schedule of your stall. This is an excellent strategy because it encourages people to return to your stall.

To maximize the amount of time people spend at your booth and to keep them coming back, have a variety of activities going on throughout the day. You only need to concentrate on converting interested customers because a digital screen can advertise this for you.

It will be possible for you to schedule this content using digital signage software. You can schedule a video of the features to play during a showcase of your product's features, for instance, from 11 am to 12 pm.

If you are, for instance, at a trade show with a business focus. You could put up an invite to see the speaker from the industry at 3 o'clock. Showgoers will keep in mind to return at 3 pm because they want to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from a professional in the field.

This will undoubtedly increase traffic to your stall and benefit your company.

4. Increase Engagement and Interest in Your Booth

You can engage attendees before they even enter your booth by using digital signage as part of your trade show marketing strategy.

You need something groundbreaking and different if you want to get any attention among the hundreds of others in the intense competition for attendees' attention.

We have been moving around the planet with static imagery for a while now. Billboards, flyers, and banners have their uses, but research indicates that people react more favorably to novel and exciting marketing strategies.

Studies show that Americans who can recall viewing a digital video display in the last month can name the advertisement in detail. In contrast to static signage, digital signage gets 400% more views.

In light of this, there are several ways to use digital signage to engage convention goers as they peruse numerous booths and displays in search of something distinctive to catch their attention.

5. Speed up Your Booth Setup

From the moment you decide to attend a trade show months in advance until the booth is fully set up on the trade show day, there is stress and work involved.

Digital signage can reduce some of this tension by simplifying some of the booth setup procedures. Nobody enjoys wasting hours on event day fiddling with trade show technology.

When your digital signage enables you to preload content for offline play, technology problems become a thing of the past. By caching content onto your displays when you publish, content management systems for digital signage like Skykit save you time.

This enables you to load content from your company's office across the country before the event and be confident that it will function flawlessly as soon as your setup crew plugs it into the display!

6. Amplify your Offering

Going to a trade show and leaving with tons of free merchandise is one of the best things ever!

Use your digital signage at trade shows to promote any giveaways you are making to draw large crowds of people to you. Give people a reason to come over and stop for a chat, even if you aren't giving anything away, and make sure they hear this reason.

You could take things a step further by including a hashtag that people can use on social media with your freebies. The freebies that trade show attendees will see can then be displayed on your digital signage in the form of images, tweets, etc.

In addition to increasing "social buzz," this will encourage people to visit your booth. You can showcase all the beautiful things your business or product does once they arrive at your booth.

Things to Put on Your Digital Signage for Trade Shows

Due to their ease of customization and appeal to our digital nature, digital displays are now a staple at trade shows.

They also give you a chance to create a dynamic display with a high level of visual interest. But while many businesses brand digital components with their names, only some do so to the fullest extent.

Consider one of these suggestions to improve your exhibit and boost your ROI rather than sticking to your company name and logo like all of your competitors:

1. Video Demos

Demonstrations are necessary for many goods and services to be seen and appreciated for what they are. Exhibitions offer a fantastic opportunity to display your goods. However, if a staff member performs demo after demo, their enthusiasm may wane.

Watching static images of your products on banners and fliers is boring when you can show a 3D or live video of your product at work. You can loop pre recorded demos using a digital sign.

Anyone who stops by your booth can see a demonstration of your goods or services. You can also position the screen so that everyone can see it to avoid the possibility of people obstructing each other's views during live demonstrations.

2. Display Testimonials and Reviews

While it is important to tell people about the great things your business offers, there is no better way to validate the quality of your business than through the honest feedback of past customers.

People are more likely to trust and invest in a business that has a proven track record of success. One of the best ways to demonstrate this is to display customer reviews and testimonials on digital signage.

This allows potential customers to immediately get an impression of your business and may even influence them to make a purchase or commitment on the spot.

3. Animated Text or Graphics

Displaying animated text and graphics at trade shows can help your business in many ways. It can create an engaging and memorable experience for your customers, leading to increased sales and brand recognition.

Animated text and graphics can also help explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. You can also use these to draw attention to certain products or services that you offer. Your eye-catching text and graphics can help break up a trade show's monotony and make your booth stand out from the crowd.

Transform your logo into a captivating 3D graphic that spins. Create a dynamic animation of your business name appearing as if it were being typed or written. Highlight a new product with a rotating display to give it a modern feel. Showcase your company’s core values by fading them one after the other.

Do More With Digital Signage for Trade Shows

Digital signage can be a great addition to any trade show or event booth. It will give attendees an immediate glimpse into your company, brand, and offerings.

Place the signage in a highly visible area is vital to ensure it is seen. It can be placed on stands, mounted to walls, or suspended from the ceiling for maximum effect.

You can use digital signage to broadcast critical messages about your company and its offerings and advertise special events and product demonstrations.

You can also display calls to action on the signs, such as "Stop by for a software demonstration at 1 p.m.," "Come talk to us," or "Ask us about our latest product release."

To ensure that the digital signage is noticed and that attendees are not overwhelmed by sound, it is recommended that sound not be incorporated into the signage.

Instead, content should be customized for each show or event, with some pieces re-used and others specifically designed for the show or event. Doing so will help to create conversations in the booth by providing attendees with relevant, eye-catching content.

Overall, digital signage can effectively engage attendees and make your booth more attractive. It will create a memorable experience and help to showcase your brand in the best light.