The Best & Worst Things to Show on Lobby TVs

Lobby TVs are a great addition to any business or organization, as they can provide visitors and customers with helpful and informative content.

Lobby TVs can act as a source of entertainment while customers wait or as a way to inform visitors about the services and products offered by the organization.

You can also use lobby TVs to display important information such as safety protocols, news, weather, and other helpful information. Business owners can use lobby TVs to promote upcoming events and specials or to provide a place for customers to relax and watch videos or television shows.

Overall, lobby TVs can be a great way to help customers, and visitors feel welcomed, informed, and entertained. Businesses are always looking for creative ways to keep their customers engaged and entertained in their lobby.

Lobby TV is a great way to instantly engage customers and visitors as they enter your business space. You can create an inviting atmosphere with the right content and even inform customers about what your business offers. Conversely, you can chase customers away if you show the wrong things on your lobby TV.

This article will explore some of the best and worst content to show on lobby TV. We will also look at tips for creating a practical and engaging lobby experience.

Why Have a Lobby TV?

Whether your company is focused on sports, office work, or hospitality, having a lobby TV can increase sales and make customers happier.

In today's fast-paced market, attention spans run low. No matter where they are, customers want constant engagement and to stay informed of events. Some businesses place a few magazines on tables in the lobby. More is needed because people prefer to interact using visual technology.

That is why lobby TVs work best. A lobby TV is important because it can engage customers and create a positive atmosphere. Lobby TVs can be used to display business information, such as hours of operation, contact information, and special offers.

It can also be used to display entertaining content, such as music videos, sports highlights, or news stories. Also, lobby TVs can showcase advertisements and promote products and services.

Here are a few benefits of having a Lobby TV in your business space:

  • Lobby TVs serve as marketing and customer engagement tools for customers who have to wait in the lobby or waiting room.
  • They are effective and inexpensive tools for informing employees.
  • Lobby TVs can be a crucial component of your offering mix in hospitality-related businesses like bars and restaurants to draw customers, keep them there longer, and encourage them to spend more money.
  • It is a low-cost marketing and customer satisfaction strategy relative to other media.

What Kinds of Businesses Need Lobby TVs?

There are some obvious and some less obvious options for business television:

  • Bars, restaurants, and coffee shops: TVs fit right in at bars. For example, a sports bar needs a TV in the lobby to display new highlights and news. Lobby TVs can also benefit casual dining establishments, coffee shops, and sandwich shops. Consider local programming that attracts regulars or the morning news.
  • Offices and Receptions: A lobby TV in a business space creates the impression that your company is active and connected to the outside world. Lobby TV is a crucial work tool for organizations that rely heavily on it to serve their clients, like PR firms and advertising agencies.
  • Waiting areas: Whether you run a doctor's office, law firm, auto repair shop, or dental office, use TV as a perk to uplift your customers even while they wait. TV can ease tension and foster a friendly atmosphere.
  • Gym Facilities: Nowadays, people enjoy multitasking. For those who dislike exercise, catching up on the news, watching sports, or simply enjoying their favorite talk shows while they work out can make all the difference. It's an extra amenity that can distinguish your facility from rivals.

The Worst Things to Show on Lobby TVs

Here are things to never display on your lobby TV because they can cost you customers and business:

1. Too Many Announcements

The worst thing to show on a lobby TV is content that is too busy, too loud, or too cluttered. Too much content can be overwhelming and distracting, making it difficult for viewers to focus on the most critical information. Additionally, complex or confusing content can reduce the effectiveness of your message. It is best to keep the content concise and easy to understand.

2. Religious Content

No matter how good it is, religious content can turn your establishment into a breeding ground for religious bias.

There are thousands of religions around the world. And people from different religions may be visiting your business. Showing content that favors one religion will make your establishment look biased, damaging your customer-brand relationship.

3. Politically Biased Content

Almost everyone has a worldview that could lead to an argument when it comes to politics and other issues. It is best to avoid anything that can turn your lobby into a boxing ring or a court for arguing. No matter what your political views are, it is best to avoid forcing them on others by displaying content based on your beliefs.

The Best Things To Show on Lobby TVs

The best lobby TV content for your business depends on your industry and the demography of your visitors. However, here are generally good content to display on any Lobby TV no matter what business you are in:

1. New Information

Many businesses need client education. For example, you can display videos that educate clients on relevant topics. You can display educational videos on several issues like How to book online, how to use your app, how to enjoy some new benefits, etc.

You would need to change these videos to keep them relevant. You may need a library of videos that are specific to your practice. This will help build your brand and encourage visitors to see you as a go-to source for information.

2. Season Greetings

Your lobby TV is one of the first forms of contact between you and your customers. You should include a variety of videos for every festivities. A video of Santa Claus saying “Ho Ho Ho!” to your customers is a sure-fire way to keep them amused and entertained. Get a new video for Easter, Hanukkah, and so on.

3. Music Videos

Playing music videos on your lobby TV is a great way to attract viewers and engage their senses. Music videos can be an effective way to grab viewers' attention and generate interest in your display. Additionally, the right music can set the tone and create a pleasant atmosphere in your lobby.

Studies reveal that music can influence human behavior and mood. Many studies even show that the right music played overhead in a physical store can encourage shoppers to spend more money.

Different people indeed enjoy different types of music, making it challenging to choose which music video to play. It is often simpler to filter your music collection and choose well-liked genres like pop, hip-hop, rock, and country music.

4. News

Cable news networks like CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News have exciting stories. The local news network also helps.

5. PG Shows

Many urgent care centers succeed with cable entertainment like HGTV, Animal Planet, and TV Land due to difficulties finding engaging, pertinent, age-appropriate programming that will appeal to a broad audience. The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Judge Judy, and syndicated comedies like The Big Bang Theory are all popular afternoon talk shows. These programs should amuse viewers, keep them interested, and pass the time.

6. Staff Highlights

You can create a beautiful slideshow of your staff bios. You can use new employee spotlights or highlight some significant achievements in the establishment. Videos like this will help build customer trust and make your staff more personable to the customers.

7. Success Stories

Do you have a beautiful case study you want your customers to know? Did you complete a successful project? Did you just recently land a huge deal? Highlight these short success stories with concise text and cute photos or videos. This can create deep emotional connections between your establishment and your customers.

8. Sports Highlights

A lively pastime for many is watching sports. Playing sports highlights on your lobby TV is a great way to engage viewers and create interest in your business. Sports highlights can be an effective way to grab viewers' attention and generate excitement.

Additionally, the fitting sports highlight can generate buzz and create a lively atmosphere in your lobby. Sports content is gripping, exciting, and engaging to work with and is the perfect choice for keeping your guests entertained.

Tips For Creating An Effective And Engaging Lobby Experience

Hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and residential buildings can turn their lobby into a center of attraction for visitors that will turn into paying customers.

What is currently playing on the lobby TV? You don't want to keep your customers waiting in your lobby for too long. Still, if circumstances warrant, ensure engaging content is displayed so you can experience the chance to interact with them. Here are some tips for making better use of your lobby TV.

1. Sign Up For Free Business Entertainment

For businesses, there’re creative ways to display content asides from local and cable TV. Use Loop TV to enjoy a free library of professional videos curated specifically for your business. You can work with Loop TV to gain control over the information you display to your customers.

2. Use Personalized Content

Is the content you display appropriate for your business and audience? If your lobby TV shows cheap or unprofessional content, a client may think your business could be less successful than you claim.

Work with Loop TV to curate content that works for your visitors. Is it a law firm? Get content that gives a feeling of safety and comfort with soft music and lighting. This will help your visitors to relax. Is it a banking hall? You may need more classic and conservative content to help your visitors feel comfortable.

3. Loop The Videos

Create a looping display. The video or content you display will continue playing after one display. It will loop over and over and then change to new content. This will ensure that clients will see all the important slides at least once during their visit. This can be done by connecting your lobby TV to a dedicated computer.

4. Always Use Personalized video content.

It can be difficult to keep content current. A service like Loop TV offers consistent video content tailored to your business.

5. Reduce the volume (or completely off)

In some businesses, like hospital waiting rooms, visitors and patients may be startled by loud lobby TVs. You can turn the volume completely off or keep it loud enough to be heard from a few feet away from the TV.


We have seen the best and worst things to show on lobby TVs. The best thing to display on a lobby TV would be visually appealing, informative, and entertaining. This could include a slideshow of local attractions and businesses, a live feed of local news and weather, or images and videos of happy customers or local events.

The worst thing to show on a lobby TV would be overly harsh or violent, shows inappropriate content, or contains offensive language. It is best to keep lobby TVs professional and family-friendly for all guests.