How to Increase Salon Revenue with Digital Signage

As of 2022, there are 979,236 salons currently operating in the United States, which means that in many cities, the salon business is highly competitive. To be successful salons need to stand out from competitors, and salon owners and managers need to be aware of the latest techniques for improving the customer experience and increasing revenue.

One of the best tools that a salon has at its disposal is the revolutionary technology of digital signage. In this article, we will discuss the many ways that salon owners can use digital signage to increase their business revenue and surpass the competition in the quality of service rendered to customers.

What Is Digital Signage?

Simply put, digital signage refers to the use of digital screens, in conjunction with digital signage solutions, to display content. While this definition is certainly simple, one would be mistaken to underestimate how dynamic and powerful digital signage is as a tool for increasing revenue.

Digital signage solutions, like Loop TV, provide business owners with a range of functionalities that can ultimately revolutionize the way that a business is run and how customers experience it. Digital signage software gives business owners all the tools they need for content creation, content management, playlist scheduling, and content display.

The types of content that can be displayed with digital signage are vast, and this is where you can really see the revolutionary potential of this technology. For example, digital signage content can include high-quality images, videos, text, animations, social media feeds, interactive apps, digital menu boards, wayfinding instructions, and much more.

Additionally, the types of screens that you can display your content on are many. These can include consumer-grade televisions, commercial-grade screens, LED walls, tablets, digital signage kiosks, and even billboards.

As you can probably imagine, there is a lot that you can do with all of these options. Of course, with so many options, it might seem overwhelming to consider how to actually implement digital signage to benefit your business. But don’t worry. The rest of this article will be an in-depth look at the best uses of digital signage for salons.

How to Increase Revenue with Salon Digital Signage?

1. Get more foot traffic with outdoor digital signage

Spreading brand awareness to generate more foot traffic for your establishment requires strategic marketing through multiple channels. Certainly, one of the best ways to get people to hear about your salon is through web searches.

So, it is very important to make sure that people are leaving good reviews and that your business has an active and engaging social media presence. We will talk about how digital signage can help with these aspects of marketing later in this article, but for now, we will focus on another way that people will become aware of your store.

While an online presence is certainly critical for generating foot traffic to your salon, another incredibly important aspect is the signage that you have outside your physical store. Whether your store is located in a shopping center, a mall, or somewhere else, you want to make sure that the people in these areas notice your business.

Many salons still opt for traditional static signage. But people are so used to seeing traditional signage that it hardly ever catches people’s attention. It's not that traditional signage will automatically make your business look bad, but it simply will not make an impression on people as they walk or drive by.

With digital signage, however, you can use eye-catching and visually pleasing imagery to capture the attention of those who are walking by. Even if people do not go into your establishment that day, you still want to make sure that when they think of going to a salon that your signage has made an impression on them so that your salon is the first place that comes to mind.

You can think of your store front as the first impression that you make on customers. Just as first impressions are incredibly important in social interactions, first impressions are also very important when it comes to deciding what business people will get services from.

Digital signage is simply the best way to make that first impression stand out, and by turning more potential customers into paying customers, outdoor digital signage can greatly increase your business revenue.

2. Increase Customer Spending with a Salon Digital Menu Board

People often come to salons with a range of expectations, but it is very often the case that people are not completely sure of what services they want. When a customer comes into a salon, they should not have to wonder about the full spectrum of services that your business offers.

This is why many salons have menu boards. Menu boards are not just for restaurants and bars. A salon menu board will list the services offered along with their prices. However, traditional menu boards are usually lacking when there is so much potential for increasing revenue by improving the way that your services are presented.

With digital signage, you can clearly display all of your services and their prices. But, in addition to a simple list, you can also include eye-catching images and videos. If there is a service that costs more than a standard service, there is nothing like an aesthetic video showing what great results the more expensive service produces to get people to reach deeper into their pockets.

Moreover, salons often sell products, but traditional menu boards often cannot handle the changing inventory. With digital menu boards, you can keep your list of products offered up to date. You can even put the products under different headings, such as “For Strengthening Weak Hair,” so people know exactly what they are looking at.

After receiving services from a salon, people are often much more motivated to buy products that will further improve their appearance and health. That's why a better presentation of products with digital menu boards can be such a powerful way to increase POS purchases. To inadequately promote your products would simply be a missed opportunity.

3. Keeping Customers Entertained While They Wait

Very few people actually enjoy waiting for their salon appointment. However, sometimes it is unavoidable that customers will have to wait their turn. Many salons recognize this, but they do not do all that they can to remedy the problem. Some magazines spread out on a table might relieve some boredom, but isn’t there something more that could be done?

There is! Salons can use televisions in waiting areas to provide much more entertainment to waiting customers than might be achieved with magazines. Loop TV has over 200 channels and content available right at your fingertips so that your waiting customers need not experience boredom inside your salon walls. Options include music videos in a wide range of genres, plus non-music content ranging from relaxing drone footage, news, funny fails and a Tik Tok Channel.

Reducing the displeasure associated with waiting can seriously improve the customer experience, and improving the customer experience has so many benefits for your business. Just because people are not spending money as they wait should not let you think that this part of the customer journey is any less important than others.

Digital menu boards also play a role in the waiting experience. Having a highly visible and appealing digital menu board for people to look at while they are waiting is very likely to result in more services purchased and more revenue for your business.

4. Create the Ideal Ambiance for a Relaxing Spa Visit

Another factor that can be a make or break for your salon is the amount of success you have in creating an atmosphere that people look for in a salon visit.

One of the best ways to create a certain mood in your establishment is the type of music you play in your salon. Making sure that your music contributes to the ideal atmosphere is another somewhat intangible but very important aspect of running a successful salon.

5. Get Customers Engaged with Social Media

In an increasingly digital age, it has become essential for businesses to have an active and engaging social media presence. When people follow your social media accounts, this opens up a new channel for marketing.

By utilizing digital signage, you can increase the number of people interacting with your social media. Firstly, you can use digital signage to display your business's social media feeds. Many people might not know that your business has social media, but when they see on your digital screens that your business is active on social media, many more people will follow your account.

You can also display posts that people have made about your business. After a salon visit, many people are happy to share their experiences on social media. This is great for word-of-mouth marketing, which for a business like a salon, can be very beneficial and lucrative.

When people in your store see that other people are posting about your salon, they may feel more inclined to make their own posts. You can even offer incentives for people to post about your salon. Digital signage allows you to connect your digital presence with your physical store and increase customer engagement in the all-important digital sphere.

6. Promote Customer Loyalty Programs

Digital signage can be an incredibly effective way to promote various business initiatives. One important initiative that many salons are implementing is customer loyalty programs. Developing a base of loyal customers is incredibly important for long-term business success.

Many people are interested in loyalty programs for businesses that they like, but often, they are unaware of what a loyalty program entails or whether a business has a loyalty program at all. With digital signage, you can promote your salon’s customer loyalty program. You can make the program highly desirable by listing all the benefits that loyalty members get.

This is a much more effective way to get people to sign up for loyalty programs than verbally asking customers if they want to join. Often customers do not want to wait around to hear about all that the program entails.

This is why seeing everything that the program entails is much more effective, and instead of employees asking customers if they want to join the program, you will have customers taking the initiative and asking how they can join the loyalty program.

7. Increase Customer Reviews with Interactive Digital Signage

As we mentioned earlier in this article, one of the primary ways that people become aware of your business is through web searches. Because of this, it is incredibly important that your business has many reviews.

Getting customers to leave reviews can be a difficult process. Often, even when a customer has had a good experience, they will not take the initiative to leave a review once they get home from the salon appointment.

Interactive digital signage can be a great way to decrease the burden on customers and generate more reviews. With interactive digital signage, you can ask customers if they would like to leave a review while they are still in your establishment. The result will certainly be more reviews and with more positive reviews comes more new customers.

A New Kind of Business

As we have discussed in this article, digital signage is an incredibly dynamic and powerful tool for increasing salon revenue. In fact, a salon that takes full advantage of digital signage functionality will seem like a totally new kind of business.

This new kind of business will vastly improve the customer experience and greatly increase the potential for more revenue!